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Where does an editing override template go?

Where does an editing override template go?

Friday 04 April 2003 4:40:56 pm - 2 replies

I've made a new template for article editing (class 1) but I can't seem to find the right location for it, as it never shows up.

I've tried putting "edit_class_1.tpl" in


What am I missing? At least tell me the proper place so I can troubleshoot a different problem.

Friday 04 April 2003 4:54:00 pm

Hi Peter,

I assume you are talking about editing content objects of a specific class (instead of actually editing the class). From what I see in the directory structure, I'd say it has to go into


But that you tried already. happy.gif Emoticon Maybe you have caching on?


Friday 04 April 2003 5:44:32 pm

However, I don't have caching on. Turned it off the day I started developing and it hasn't been touched since.

DOH! I just realized, I gave it the wrong class-number. Articles are class_id 2, FOLDERS are class_id 1.

I swear, some days I think I open my mouth just to change feet.

Thanks just the same =)


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