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where is database description for ez publish??

where is database description for ez publish??

Tuesday 19 May 2009 9:14:30 pm - 27 replies

Now and then again i have to debug some sql error. Like now. There is a duplicate key error while inserting an object and i cant figure out what parts of the query really mean. What are the table fields for, what is the relation to other tables and content objects? Pretty much impossible to figure out problem without any information about fields.

Low level database structure seems to be a closely guarded secret. The closest thing anyone has seen is a 5 years old gif that has very little info on it and has been obsolete for years. Still, documentation about must exist in ez systems otherwise it would not be possible to develop ez publish by anyone else besides few level 52 immortal gurus who levitate in front of their computers and know every line by heart.

Could you share it? It would be so much easier to develop and fix bugs..

Wednesday 27 May 2009 12:57:17 pm

@ Andre R

lol. Oh no! >Paul disappears in a puff of logic< happy.gif Emoticon

Picking up on Felix’s comments, I’d suggest that everyone needs to pay bills and feed their kids – eZ systems, eZ crew, contributors, partners, developers, users. The best bet for each group is to help ensure the eZ ecosystem to works well for everyone – functionally and financially.

At some point, any pain or problems experienced by one group will flow on to others in some form - so it’s pretty important to take a constructive approach.

(If anyone’s interested, I jotted some thoughts on the benefits of whole process documentation and more at the start of my original documentation-contribution on RSS Import/Export, Feb 2007).

Wednesday 27 May 2009 12:59:01 pm

I think the link to API docs is here:

It's referenced there:

Actually took me 10 seconds to find.

Wednesday 27 May 2009 1:00:49 pm


You find it here:

In my experience, whenever I cant´t find the info I need in the docs section, there's a good chance to find it here.

Wednesday 27 May 2009 1:06:54 pm

Well yes, but thats not hidden. I've been using that of course.

Wednesday 27 May 2009 1:09:54 pm

By the way, if you guys find that hidden doc, just tell us, we're interested as well happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 28 May 2009 10:42:53 am

You mean you have LOST your docs? big-smile.gif Emoticon

Friday 05 June 2009 12:40:12 am

I stumbled across this thread while looking for the elusive DB schema (am installing MySQL WB right now)

Can I ask, of those of you who have run the ez DB thru MWB and have manually located and added (to "something"blunk.gif Emoticon the table relations, would you care to share your findings?

While I have read all the posts in this thread, I may have skipped a link posted to just such a thing, so apologies for this.

On another note - while I agree with the issue of quality of documentation of template functions and the like I have to say that ez's documentation is *much* better than some other CMS's out there.

We were stuck on Plone 2 for ages and the docs for this are shocking (They may have improved in Plone 3, I haven't bothered to look) written in an inconsistent format, over many websites in a varying quality of English (No offence to non-native English speakers - really happy.gif Emoticon - my German is pretty basic and my French..well let's not go there..I can count to 3 in Finnish though...

Compare this with ez's docs:

* On one website (two at most if you include ezpedia)
* In a consistent format
* Written at a level suitable for beginners and more experienced (subjective, but that's my own experience)
* Nicely structured and actually very detailed

I think an issue many people come up against is that they generalise over all the docs when it is on fact one or two things that are poorly documented.

Again this is just my own opinion but I wouldn't want people new to ez or considering it to be put off by reading some of the posts in this thread (howsoever factual and *objective*)

Sure, stuff can be improved, everything can, but there are ways, means and established methods for collaborating and doing this.

Just my 2c worth happy.gif Emoticon

Cheers all,


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