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which PHP accelerator to use?

which PHP accelerator to use?

Sunday 20 December 2009 1:52:33 am - 5 replies

I have searched the forums in order to find a good answer for this question, but all the posts are outdated. So now, with the newest version of eZP (4.2) are there any findings what is the best accelerator to use with eZP?

For me there are 3 candidates:

  • Ion Cube
  • APC
  • eAccelerator

Which one would be the best?

Sunday 20 December 2009 2:21:40 am

APC is the officially recommended one (look up the requirements page for eZP 4.2)

Sunday 20 December 2009 11:27:38 am

I'm using eAccelerator and it really does a good job.

Sunday 20 December 2009 11:29:10 am

have a look here :

A page from Damien, from Montpellier, France (as me blunk.gif Emoticon )

Sunday 20 December 2009 3:40:35 pm

As a personal note, I do not think the thing setting apart any of those products (Xcache included, ioncube afaik is dead and buried) is its sheer speed or memory usage.

What really matters is stability under heavy load (including opcode-cache purges under access storms).

So be prepared to stress test before going live, and to install your 2nd choice if the first one turns out to crash in your setup - I personally have seen all of them crash and burn in at least one particular php installation, so I have no real personal favorite.

You can also take into account that APC is maintained by php-language developers, while xcache and eaccelerator are currently a one-person project. It might be important if you like support contracts and long-term platform sustainability. Just google around to see how long it took for those 3 products to support php 5.3 to get an idea...

Monday 21 December 2009 6:13:58 pm

Hi Marko,

we use APC and it works fine, nice with and without comparison

greetings, ekke


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