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Wildcard search in beging of a word - ez find

Wildcard search in beging of a word - ez find

Thursday 18 December 2014 1:02:49 pm - 2 replies

I have issue with searching with wildcard in the beginning of a word. I hope some one could pick their brain a bit an help me.


Search word: hanske (norwegian word for glove)

I have some objects named jakthanske and skytterhanske. But I cant get them in the searchresult. The strange thing is if I try another word with the same "issue" I get the correct result.

Search word: bil (nowegian for car)

I get the object named "brannbil" (firetruck).


I have tried different setting in ezfind.ini and tried to alter the schema.xml - but my solr skills arent as good as I want them to be.

eZFind version 5.2.0, solr: 3.6.1

Help anyone?

Thursday 18 December 2014 4:16:53 pm

Your problem might be stemming.

Thursday 18 December 2014 10:02:22 pm

Quote from Björn :

Your problem might be stemming.

Hi man!

Long time no see!! happy.gif Emoticon

I tried it, but it did not fix it. Because I think that stemming goes more on the words at the end.

BUT, you pointed me in the correct direction. So the answer was

 <fieldType name="text" class="solr.TextField" positionIncrementGap="100" autoGeneratePhraseQueries="false">
      <analyzer type="index">
<filter class="solr.EdgeNGramFilterFactory" minGramSize="2" maxGramSize="15" side="back"/>

side="back" can be changed to front so it goes the other way.

Modified on Thursday 18 December 2014 10:04:11 pm by Anders Berre


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