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year in ezdatepicker

year in ezdatepicker

Wednesday 13 July 2011 12:18:57 am - 2 replies

Hello everyone,
I use a calendar (ezdatepicker) to insert a date of birth, but it is very difficult for the user to select the year. He must click on the arrows of the calendar many times.
Do you know how to change the calendar to display a drop-down list for years?

Wednesday 13 July 2011 1:52:35 pm

Hi Jonathan,

you're right, the current calendar implementation is not very handy for your use case. Could you please open an enhancement request in the issue tracker ?

By the way, the datatype ezdate implementation stores the date with a timestamp, so it's limited to a date between the 1st january 1970 and somewhere in 2038 which can be inadequate for a date of birth. If you hit this limitation, you can use the birthday extension which doesn't have this limitation and also has another GUI to fill date (3 drop down selects).


Wednesday 13 July 2011 2:59:40 pm

dpobel is right, avoid using ezdatepicker with a birthdate, cause it is stored as timestamp in the database.


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