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youtube playlists with latest video in thumbnail format

youtube playlists with latest video in thumbnail format

Tuesday 26 June 2012 4:43:55 pm - 1 reply

Hi everyone;

I Have a video page in my website , in which i want to show my youtube playlists from inside of my channel.

function youtubeValue(){
            var myChange= document.getElementById('mySelect').value;                 
            document.getElementById('myFrame').src = myChange;
<div id="divideo">
<iframe  id="myFrame" width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
    <select onchange="youtubeValue()" id="mySelect" >
        <option value="" >Catégory</option>
                 {foreach fetch_alias( 'children', hash( 'parent_node_id', $node.node_id,
                                                            'offset', $view_parameters.offset,
                                                            'class_filter_type', 'exclude',
                                                             ) ) as $clips }
<option value="{$clips.data_map.location.content}">{$}

So I add my playlists URL as a Link and it works well ,

but when i choose a playlist I want to have the latests vidéo en THUMBNAIL sorted by publication date.

I would be grateful if someone who had ever have the same experience can help me . or if someone knows a better way to do this.


Wednesday 27 June 2012 9:35:27 am



There is a great new extension available from Sebastiaan van der Vliet that may be exactly what you need.




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