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Wednesday 24 October 2012 9:26:45 am - 3 replies

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This month marks 10 years since my first eZ Publish site went live. It seems like only yesterday. When I think back to it. It was a site for my Martial Arts Group at the time. Welham Martial Arts. I had left my old company and had setup Vision with Technology and was searching for the "perfect" tool for which to build the company on. I had been playing around with a few other CMSs and even considered writing a CMS myself (yes I am that much of an optimist). After a long search I found eZ Publish, at that time it was in v2.2.7 it had the CMS, Media Library, Ads, offline editor - pretty much everything a growing website needed.

Wednesday 24 October 2012 9:37:10 am

Hi Tony,

Congrats on this great achievement! I hope you will stick around for a long time. I'm glad I've had the pleasure to also meet you in person, you are a great asset to the ecosystem.

Regards Robin

Wednesday 24 October 2012 10:54:04 am

Hey Tony,

What an impressive article, I really like it !

It's amazing to look back the road so far and enjoy the sense of achievement.

I believe 10-year is just another milestone of your professional careers and I'm looking forward to hear more exciting news from you.

We have learned a lot of knowledge about eZ Publish, best-practices and methodology from you and I really appreciate that.

Kind regards,


Thursday 25 October 2012 9:36:52 am

I love your seat-size monitors, used at the "Mandrake" time. I used this as my first OS at eZ, back in 2005 happy.gif Emoticon

I love those look-backs, supporting a look ahead, far ahead. 

Ecosystem-growth is a non-negotiable requirement for future survival and top-success of every of the ecosystem building-blocks, this is well understood by all parties, I can feel.

We have nice stories to build, still, like:

  • continuing the fusion of the eZ Engineering and Product Management processes with the Community ones, 
  • making it possible, easily, for any eZ Ecosystem member (most of them are professional players) to be an integral, contributing part of the community,
  • accelerating the diffusion of this jointly built, rocking product called eZ Publish.

Keep-up eZ Community,
Keep-up Tony, 


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