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Thursday 02 September 2010 6:58:23 pm - 2 replies

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We gathered yesterday evening on skype for a tad more than one hour. Here is what happened, read on.

Friday 03 September 2010 1:18:43 am

Very happy to see some interest in improving

It is not very clear whether improvements (besides upgrades to 4.4 and import of projects) are considered at this time, or not: you say no at point 2, then propose quite a few in point 3...

When you consider changes to that site, do not forget all pending requests:

My favorite new feature, on par with a per-project issue tracker, would be adding the concept of 'release' to a project. Not a small task, but it might be worth implementing it before the import of projects, as some of those could be collapsed in a single project with different releases.

ps: if you need any info (access / a quick tour of the installed scripts) about pubsvn, just ask me.

Sunday 19 September 2010 5:59:57 pm

While at it, some other ideas that might be interesting to discuss / submit to vote:

1. set up phpdoc and/or lxrphp instances to generate alternative docs from the eZP sources (ie. beside the standard doxygen-generated ones) on pubsvn

2. do the same for all code on Oh, and while at it, add somewhere the links to and that are currently available but only mentioned in a couple of forum messages


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