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Tuesday 12 July 2011 8:35:16 pm - 2 replies

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With the summer holidays ahead the team made a nice sprint and booked good progress on the Event extension. The discussion on the Job Board feature also continues. Read the full minutes below...

Tuesday 12 July 2011 9:47:35 pm

Now ezfind runs with solr3., maybe it is time to use geolocation's search for event planner and job board ?

Yep, but you need to upgrade the to the latest eZ Publish version (2011.5). eZ Find (Solr 3.x) is not eZ 4.4 compatible... Otherwise, geospatial search is complex but possible using Solr 2.x, ask if you need (at first, write a feature draft)

Friday 26 August 2011 12:20:25 pm

Job Board - Yes, there is a market for eZ Publish products and services!

The goal of the Job Board is to get people in contact for job opportunities. But is that actually the main goal? No. In my opinion the real purpose of the Job Board is to further expand the eZ Publish ecosystem. It is about showing companies and developers that eZ Publish is a product with which money can be made. It’s about showing the world that there is an actual demand for eZ Publish products and services and that it will pay off to invest time and resources to master eZ Publish. Each job posted basically signals: ‘Yes, there is a market for eZ Publish’. In addition, it is important that the impression is conveyed that eZ Publish may provide a good source of income, both in terms of the number of job opportunities, as well as in terms of profit to be made.

In light of this objective, the requirements for the Job Board become increasingly clear. Some recommendations that may serve as an example:

  1. To make sure there are plenty of jobs posted, anyone should be able to post a job offers, not just the partners.
  2. The jobs posted should have a minimum and maximum budget, for example between 1500 and 15.000 euro. Through the minimum budget cut-throat competition is avoided, while the maximum budget limit avoids running into conflict with the eZ Publish business partner programme. $10 for an eZ Publish installation is just not the type of offer you want to have appear on the Job Board.
  3. It is essential that eZ Publish jobs are pushed to social media where possible. We need to show wherever possible that there is a market for eZ Publish products and services. For example, there should be a dedicated twitter account for the Job Board.
  4. For companies that are in the process of selecting a CMS or those that have already selected eZ Publish, the Job Board should make it very clear that there is a sizable community of eZ Publish developers. Rather than freelancers posting availability, there should be a standard checkbox on the community partner and registered user profile indicating whether they are interested in job opportunities posted on the job Board, maybe specifying a budget range. This will allow companies that post a job to seek for an eZ Publish comapny/freelancer nearby.
  5. To incite further interest, there should be a direct link between the eZ Publish training sessions and the Job Board. This link will signal potentially interested companies and developers that the money invested in an eZ Publish training can be earned back easily through jobs listed in the Job Board. Companies looking for an eZ Publish developer should also have the opportunity to assess the skills of the developers available through their profile page. This could be done through displaying the eZ Publish certificates of the developer, as well as a number of reference links in the profile. There should be some rating system based on indicators such as the number of reference links, certification level, and the number of clients.
  6. eZ Systems or the eZ community should not get involved in business transactions between clients and providers as it can be restrictive in terms of VAT rules etc. If money needs to be made, make it possible for developers to advertise themselves in forum posts, blog posts, extension pages etc. Instead, make money on the oroducts offered in the eZ Market.

Rather than already starting to think about technical requirements, the Job Board specifications should first be formulated to support the objective of expanding the eZ Publish ecosystem as much as possible. As mentioned in one of my blogposts, the Job Board could also be very helpful to small to medium-sized companies offering eZ Publish services. I have been working as an eZ Publish developer since 2002 and version 2. For the past 10 years I had my own company and exclusively developed eZ Publish websites. However, as a mid-sized company it has been a continuous and very tiresome struggle to find and keep developers who were capable and motivated enough to work with eZ publish for more than a year. I think my company was not the only mid size company with that problem. With access to a pool of qualified and available developers on the Job Board it would probably have been easier to conquer the CMS market in my country.


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