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Accelerating and Streamlining Community Participation

Accelerating and Streamlining Community Participation

Thursday 18 April 2013 6:04:52 pm - 1 reply

At this stage in the ecosystem, what do we most need that will accelerate and streamline the participation of the community? I'm thinking both about software development and the other aspects of participation (promotion, documentation, education, you name it)?

This forum post was inspired by the great thread Ivo started.

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Thursday 18 April 2013 7:40:52 pm

Some potential suggestions.


  • Document how to contribute confluence doc in general
  • Document how to contribute code in general via github
  • Document how to contribute Specifications at different levels 
    • Features / Improvements:
      • Use cases (requirements)
    • Epics (a collection of related features/improvements):
      • User stories (with acceptance criteria using BDD)
        • Technical specifications (Architecture)
  • Task driven doc:
    • Document how to contribute bug fixes (Doc / Code & unit/functional test)
    • Document how to contribute features ( Spec, Code, Unit/Functional Tests, Doc)
    • ..
  • Github:
    • Add contributions.md file in each github repo that links to above doc
    • Further add more automated review tools to pull requests for streamlining the process


  • Somehow find a way to better organize groups of people that centers around a given interest
    • General task force groups for Documenters / Reviewers / Testers / Article reviewers / ..
    • Specific groups for high level features (aka Epics)
    • (.. see dru pal groups for examples ..)

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