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Change forum software..

Change forum software..

Monday 02 February 2015 5:51:40 pm - 2 replies

The forum software on needs to be updated if eZ wants a better community, I'm not even using the forums because of the bad search and generally bad quality of the forums. Heck, google indexes it really bad as well. Vbulletin is a safe alternative, I bet eZ will get a lot more community just by changing the forum software to something more lucrative like vbulletin, phpbb, smf etc.. Thoughts?

Monday 02 February 2015 8:52:53 pm

Hello Petter,

Welcome to the eZ Community!

While I understand your concerns, and there are known problems with the forums implementation ...

I must say I personally disagree with your evaluation and solution.

The eZ Publish Community forums have always been implemented in eZ Publish. Consider it eating our own dog food (a software development term).

I think that Google does a great job indexing this site. If I can't find anything using the ezfind search built into (which I personally think is long over due for improvements) I use Goozee or Google (site search, directly).

What specifically about the forums do you feel is missing or needs improvements for you to use them (more)? In a small way even the most basic requirements for the forums are already in place (your using of it for this thread proves this). While basic in many ways, these forums still actively serve their purpose.

These forums contain over 10 years of eZ Publish conversations and a wealth of much needed solutions. These forums are the community focal point where users of eZ Publish go to share and ask eZ Publish specific questions.

That said, I have been told by eZ Systems that the website source code and resources would be shared via GitHub to the whole community hopefully in Q1/2015. I myself am working on forum improvements which we need for (rss related).

I myself would rather contribute to a better forums in eZ Publish than eat someone else's dog food.

I hope this helps!


Tuesday 03 February 2015 12:46:14 am

That would be great - I asked if the source code could be released years ago, since then I've had to write a few different forum solutions.

I'm actually working on one now but it'll have to done at the end of the month so I think I'll just miss this.  But, it would be great to be able to reference that code.

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