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Thursday 03 December 2015 5:23:13 pm - 4 replies

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As we get ready to release the next generation of eZ software, our eZ Support team is moving its focus to eZ Platform and eZ Studio. While they’ll continue to support existing customers on eZ Publish Enterprise, they’ll stop working on the community versions of eZ Publish (5.x and earlier). Read on for how this affects further development of legacy code.

Thursday 03 December 2015 11:05:26 pm

Hi Andre,

Thanks for informing the community once more about this. I was aware of this, but this kind of message needs to be published more times to make the reach. 

There was recently a discussion about the topic on Slack with some good reasons why not dropping the support, but my general opinion is that a line needs to be drawn somewhere. With the focus on new stack and dropping the support for older community versions, community should get the message that the time is to move on. Related to this, it is very important that the community starts again to innovate and share things on the new stack so we all get the momentum, hope I will have time to write a separate post about that topic soon.

But, going back to the older community versions, no official patches does not mean that people will all of the sudden stop using that version. For example most of our smaller sites are on the 2014.11 version. I imagine there are many projects in the community that are even older than that. We as service providers need to find the best path for our clients. And there are many options how to do that.

Simplest way is to start with the new project from scratch. In that case ezplatform will soon to be valid option. But there are many many existing projects that have multitude of different situations. On top of that, is not easy to justify to clients a complete reimplementation resulting with client having more or less the same what he head before. 

So eZ Systems as a vendor should try to find the best path for their clients (enterprise subscriptions) and companies using community version should try to find it by them selves for their clients. Our path is simple, we will start to use eZ Platform as soon as we can deliver good results with it. We are preparing for this for a long time. We started to invest in Symfony experience 3 years ago. We started to use the hybrid version 2 years ago, opensourcing our first bundles too. Currently we want to get as close as possible to ez platform, hence we prepared our own tagged community versio of the 2014.11 version which we will use until we are ready to switch to ez platform. We need to have a way to make patches and fixes in one place. As eZ Systems is not doing that, we need to do it. For all other partners that have similar projects and have similar upgrade path this might be interesting, so we opened it up. We named it with year 2014 in the name to clearly state that this is old stuff happy.gif Emoticon

Would love to hear what other service providers using community have to say about this.


Friday 04 December 2015 4:40:55 am

Once all the 6.x range is rocking, my recommendation to clients will be to start to migrate/upgrade, especially those who are hanging out in 4.x.

Friday 04 December 2015 6:41:35 am

Its understandable to no longer back-port features, but to not fix security or serious bug issues if they arise seems premature.  Like Ivo I have most clients in 2014.11 legacy mode because there was no other choice.  New projects were built on the bridge version with as much code written in bundles as possible.

With some clients having many years of extensive and complex custom development naturally the transition needs to be progressive, as Ivo points out no client wants a huge conversion bill to re-develop what they already have.

@Ivo, thank you for stepping up continuing a viable path for us all.  Have or will you also fork the LegacyBundle to ensure its still possible to transition a site progressively?

Friday 04 December 2015 10:29:00 am

Quote from Brendan Pike :

@Ivo, thank you for stepping up continuing a viable path for us all.  Have or will you also fork the LegacyBundle to ensure its still possible to transition a site progressively?

Currently we don't see that necessary, we are going very fast with adoption of new stack. We don't work anything new on legacy for some time now. 

Clients with no budget for revamping their sites will be left where they are. What we need at least do is provide a simple way of applying sec patching, hence the 14.12.0 version.


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