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ez 4.4.0 (4.4.0) bugs

ez 4.4.0 (4.4.0) bugs

Wednesday 27 October 2010 12:29:59 pm - 4 replies

Hi there,

New to ez, I'm evaluating it and freshly installed and use the 4.4.0

It is slow, running on a Zend server on a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz 2992 MHz, it is pain slow.

I found that Zend Optimizer was not recognized as an accelerator, but I'm not sure it is the only reason.

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Wednesday 27 October 2010 8:50:01 pm

What is your OS?

4.4 is zippy and nice speedup over 4.3 on my OS X and linux hosting.

No Zend optimizer running on either.

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Wednesday 27 October 2010 9:43:40 pm

4.4 is zippy and nice speedup over 4.3 on my OS X and linux hosting.

Have to second that! 4.3 and 4.4 is pretty fast even with the default install / config / settings.



You should consider reading a few articles on performance tuning of large php web applications. eZPublish is huge in files and very flexible which makes it a bit difficult to grip on first sight when new to it. This is not only a problem with eZPublish but with all php-applications that overcome the size of a mid-range wordpress blunk.gif Emoticon


Considering your other posts over the past few days I would like to point out reading the basics of eZPublish, its design choices, the tech manual and its fundamentals of separation between content and design. You then should see the advantages of eZP compared to other web cms. Then continue reading a few community tutorials and try to enhance some basic functionalities and create a few designs on your own. By doing this you will gain more knowledge on its internal structures and are able to maintain a huge site with a finger-snip. There are also some books on eZPublish which might help you getting started.

The ez community is willing to help starters with ez. We proved that more than once.

At last I also would like to point out, that eZPublish is not only a eCMS (Enterprise Content Management System) which has a crowded ecosystem and community but it is also (more) a CMF - a content management framework. A framework with which you as developer can realize small to huge publications, websites, whatever (due to its flexibility). There is no such thing as point-n-click website generator which runs flawlessly.

Of course each software of such sheer size has its flaws, bugs, its culprits and its old-growing stuff it cannot let go of. On the other hand it is very flexible, stable, pretty scalable and in most active development.


I'm sorry I drifted in such a way but I could not help me in when reading this and other posts of you than to point out the most basics first. Please don't feel attacked in any way - it was not my intention.

What I really wanted to ask was if you could provide us more information about your system and if you could describe WHAT is being slow. Without any of such fundamental information it is hard to ensure a professional problem solution. What exactly did you install? The eZP installer lets you choose between a plain site with no content and up to a full blown ezFlow-site with some demo content in it. Did you follow the instructions of the installer correctly? Is your user the Webserver runs under able to read and write into the ezpublish var-directory? Without that, eZPublish cannot create fundamental needed cache-files and thus has to send complex sql-queries to your database and must go through a lot of php-classes and files instead of just looking for and existing cache-file and serving it.

It would not be the first time this problem would occur. If you are new to setting directory and file permissions please consider a few basic linux shell tutorials or use windows as platform. Learning basic linux commands will take you a day but you will have this knowledge forever. The eZPublish / php windows-Port (if can name it such way) has gone massive impovements and php is gone really fast on IIS 7.x on win 2008 (even I as a frequent windows basher have to admit that).


So, R_D_, I hope to get some details on your specific performance problem.



PS: why is it that most folks use os x to 'develop' recently?

Wednesday 27 October 2010 10:24:55 pm

Zend optimizer is not "recognized" by the system in that it will not be displayed in the Setup | System info page, but it will work the same as apc, xcache or eaccelerator: eZP does not disable it for sure.

For best perfs, make sure it uses only shared memory and not fs to store cached files (at least, if you can set it to do so, I have not been using it for ages so I am not knowledgeable about its config). Also make sure it has enough shmem allocated.

Another perf tip: if running on windows, please make sure there is no AV scanning the directories of eZP, as theamount of filesystem access it does is huge.

Thursday 28 October 2010 10:00:55 am

Come on Chris,

I didn't mean to be rough.

I've been reading the full doc and when it comes to deeper understanding on whats going on, yes you have to go through all the forum posts and all tickets starting from 2003, nothing really new with any CMS (been trying or working with joomla, typo3, jahia, easycms, drupal, concrete, and few others...).

Anyway, as you get something brand new installed out of the box, you may be surprise when you start with low or bad performances (just wondering how it will run serving 2500 pages...)

To be more precise, as I said I installed easy publish following the wizard with each package empty or not (I made like 10 installations, starting all over, each time I screw everything up while manipulating .ini files or creating templates). I encountered no problem installing the site.

Ez had no problem writing caches files (a lot of cache files!). I was rather wondering, if it has problem erasing/updating those files... Will go deeper about rights and permissions.

What I notice is the slow response time, either in the admin or the website.

Like I said, I run a Zend Server, the Communtiy edition 5.03, php 5.214, Apache 2.216, 4 Go Ram...running on window 7 (not windows lover either).

Memory? I have 3Go available...

And Chris, I may not be in your time zone, it took a while before people answer my wave of posts, but as you said, it seems you are a strong community willing to help, and I'm greating that.

Thanks for you attention and response.


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