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Tuesday 05 May 2015 8:46:38 pm - 1 reply

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, April 21 2015. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Thursday 07 May 2015 12:30:27 am


Since projects.ez.no project submissions are moderated their is little good reason to kill the eZ Publish Legacy extension community by preventing new projects.

We (BC) are very active submitters of eZ Publish Legacy extensions to projects.ez.no and will want to continue to share our contributions with others on projects.ez.no in the foreseeable future.


The projects.ez.no website should be altered to inform users that new ezplatform contributions should be shared on the ezplatform contribution sharing site instead.

If users in correctly submit ezplatform contributions to projects.ez.no they can be informed where to post their ezplatform contributions instead via the moderation interphase already in place.


The new project moderation workload of projects.ez.no is very low and easily manageable.

Please do not put the projects.ez.no site in read only mode and refuse new projects. Projects.ez.no is the preferred / best way to publicize eZ Publish Legacy contributions.

If you put it in read-only mode then you effectively take away most of it's most useful features, project forums, code sharing and project maintenance.


If you wish to end new projects creating new svn repos for a project, that would be acceptable as GitHub is a better way of storing code.


That said we still need projects.ez.no as a usable directory of shared code (ie: searching GitHub is a very poor way of finding or advertizing new shared legacy contributions). 


Please re-consider putting projects.ez.no into read-only mode and killing the legacy extension sharing community.

It's just not necessary to stop people from sharing legacy code in this way.

Brookins Consulting 


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