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Saturday 02 February 2013 6:58:11 pm - 1 reply

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This is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to installing eZ Publish on cheap hosting.

"Cheap hosting" in this context has no strict definition; it is a term used to denote the hosting solutions on shared servers which typically give to the user little control over the configuration of the LAMP stack: no cronjobs, no shell access, no access to php.ini, no choice of storage engine or charset for mysql databases etc...

There are many small quirks with such solutions which can make life of the eZ developer hard - often not documented well if at all in the descriptions of the offer itself. The upside is that they generally can be rented almost for free, making them attractive for the cash-strapped personal-blog type of users. And even if you find one which is really incompatible, it will not make a huge dent in your pocket.

Without further ado, this one concentrates on problems with the php.ini setting "magic_quotes_gpc".

The observable behaviour is: impossibility to add images to rich text fields, quotes in text fields which get replaced by backslash-quote.

Read on for the solution...

Monday 04 February 2013 11:33:08 am

Freaky - we ran into this exact problem last week!  I'd also mention that RewriteBase is sometimes required.  I've also found PHP Shell very useful for running various scripts on FTP-only sites.

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