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Friday 21 September 2012 11:12:46 pm - 5 replies

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Next week the community project board will provide its first eZ Publish release based on the eZ Publish 5 master. Community Project 2012.9 will be the first build that lets you take advantage of all the hard work eZ Engineering has been doing in re-factoring eZ Publish under the Symfony HMVC framework. It coincides with eZ Publish 5 Enterprise going into beta testing. And for integrators, the release will be the perfect time to start putting eZ Publish 5 through its paces.

Sunday 23 September 2012 9:31:37 pm

Excellent news! Congrats to the whole Community Project team and, of course, to eZ Engineering happy.gif Emoticon

Kilimanjaro here we come! happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 24 September 2012 9:53:26 am

Just a note about compatibility: 2012.9 might be the 1st version of eZ Publish where the minimum required PHP version is 5.3 - this will be true both for the "Legacy Stack" and the new one.

Monday 24 September 2012 3:05:49 pm

That's good news!

I actually have 4 upgrades planned within the next weeks. Two of them are old versions which have not been upgraded for years (4.0.1 and 4.3). 

I'm thinking of doing the following

Last but not least, because we have an internal deadline (end of the year) to upgrade to 5.0, I would like to prepare the upgrade to eZ P 5.0, using 2012.9, and before 5.0 is officially released so that I can be on the time... Any thoughts or advises ?

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Monday 24 September 2012 3:43:03 pm

The only piece of advice I would give you is to get your legacy installation up-to-date with the future versions of CP as we might continue enhancements on the legacy kernel to fit our needs in eZ Publish 5 happy.gif Emoticon.

And of course, decouple your business logic blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 10 October 2012 7:58:08 pm

eZ Publish 2012.9 has now been released, and can be found here: http://share.ez.no/downloads/downloads/ez-publish-community-project-2012.9.


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