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ez publish old version 3.8.6 and php pear soap support

ez publish old version 3.8.6 and php pear soap support

Friday 09 August 2013 2:39:45 am - 4 replies

my ez publish old version 3.8.6 is running by using php 4.4.5 version.php soap support starts from php 5.0 or greater versions. So I'm forced to use php pear:soap for creating soap services.I need to programme a soap client with my ez publish same version.Could any of the members help me, which version php:pear I need to use?whcih version php pear I need to install so that I can use soap 1.1 or 1.2 based web services.

Case 2:

If ez publish 3.8.6 supports SOAP  independently using it's own library classes .

Can you give me a working sample url?

Could you provide me a note on it?




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Friday 09 August 2013 12:04:11 pm

If upgrading the site to at least eZ 4.4 would be an option then you will be able to use which will probably save you some work.

Otherwise, I can tell you about an alternative to pear:soap - the nusoap library that we have used at some point and I know it works with PHP 4.

A tutorial for nusoap I found here:

Friday 09 August 2013 5:14:21 pm

If upgrading is not an option to get access to the official soap support in 5.x then nusoap is the way to go. That is what most 3.x extensions usually used back on PHP 4.x.

Friday 09 August 2013 7:54:54 pm


Here are some versions of nusoap eZ Publish extension.

I hope this helps ...


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Saturday 10 August 2013 3:18:02 pm

You probably already know that, but php 4 has been declared unsupported for a long time by the developers of the language itself. There are serious security implications if you keep using it. Please try to convince your customers of the need to upgrade...


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