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Friday 08 May 2015 4:43:31 pm - 6 replies

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One of our customer websites sells research reports where all of the content is built and managed in the eZ Publish content management system. These reports are served via HTML through a gated website portal. They wanted to add a dynamic PDF report generation feature (based on content in the CMS); the PDF template was highly customized with nice layouts and styles, cover and back pages, custom page breaks, and much more. Over the years we've had good experiences with the ParadoxPDF extension. However due to its lack of HTML5 + CSS3 support and relatively high server load, we decided to look for an alternative solution. We found that wkhtmltopdf does a great job at producing highly styled PDFs, and we were able to integrate it nicely with eZ Publish.

Saturday 09 May 2015 3:27:20 pm

Hello Thiago,

Thank you very much for this excellent blog post regarding your exciting new solution for PDF generation using eZ Publish!

I took a moment to share a brief summary of the reasons why this is so important / particularly of interest to both existing paradoxpdf users and new users looking for tools to use for pdf creation:

Thank you for sharing the source code to this valuable eZ Publish extension!

We briefly reviewed the code and had a couple of questions for you.

EDIT: Because we (BC) believe strongly in not asking for others to do work we ourselves would not commit to do on our own and in the interest of greater collaboration ... we have created a pull request containing the changes we have requested:

I hope this helps! Again thank you so much for sharing and we all wish you the very best!


Modified on Saturday 09 May 2015 9:49:34 pm by // Heath

Monday 11 May 2015 1:02:36 pm

Looks really good! We do this process with LibreOffice and it's terribly complex and very fragile.

Our process looks something like this:

ezXML (raw data) -> HTML Template -> Unoconv -> LibreOffice -> DOCX & PDF Conversion

We've been looking for a replacement for the LibreOffice -> PDF conversion for a while as we find it can be glitchy.

Monday 11 May 2015 4:27:48 pm

Hello Heath

We are going to analyze your pull request today, thank you very much! The composer and license suggestions are very welcome!


I am pretty sure you will find wkhtmltopdf way simpler and more flexible.

Modified on Monday 11 May 2015 4:32:41 pm by Thiago Campos Viana

Monday 11 May 2015 8:55:18 pm

Hi Heath

We have just merged the pull request and we have also create a new packagist account ( mugoweb ). It seems very good, adding the composer.json file and the license info was a very good idea, we are glad to receive such positives feedback that only help us to keep improving our contributions!

Thank you very much!

Modified on Monday 11 May 2015 9:03:20 pm by Thiago Campos Viana

Monday 11 May 2015 8:59:06 pm

Hello Thiago,

Thank you very much for your prompt review and merge of our pull request!

I'm so very happy I was able to collaborate with you / mugo and (I hope) help others!

For those wondering you can now install this solution using the following composer package:


Wednesday 20 May 2015 9:49:03 pm

Hi Thiago,

I used your extension in my latest project as an alternative for ParadoxPDF. Thanks for creating it! I don't regret that choice happy.gif Emoticon



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