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Tuesday 16 August 2011 2:40:11 pm - 5 replies

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Beginners guide for learning how to use image maps in the ezwebin extension.


Tuesday 16 August 2011 5:54:35 pm

Where and how do users put the map tag? Is it in the template, the ez editor or elsewhere? I used to put it in template by the override system. I think it is possible with the ez editor but we need to enable the html tag that isn't enabled by default (maybe with some template changes, 'cause we need an unique id for the image... is it "banner_map" for the frontpage? I never checked...).

Am I viewing the entire tutorial? It just show a sample usage of the html map tag... and the w3schools sample is more complete, it actually shows that it needs to exist a img tag somewhere...

Modified on Tuesday 16 August 2011 6:01:40 pm by Thiago Campos Viana

Tuesday 16 August 2011 7:04:25 pm

Hi Thiago, 

I just notified Doug of your remark, we will make sure that the necessary additional information is added.


Tuesday 16 August 2011 8:13:29 pm

Excellent question, Thiago, thank you.

When ezwebin is installed with demo content, in the Media Libaray tab is created a folder called "Banners" along with some sample banners.

These banners are editable in the admin interface under the Media Library tab ie Media / Banners / Got Wood-Reality for a banner named "Got Wood-Reality"

About halfway down the editor interface page is an empty box labeled "Image Map"  It kept me curious, I could never find documentation.

I had your concern about unique id.  It has been a while since I debugged, but from memory the id is "uniqued" at the next level up.  So the same opening and closing lines may be used for multiple banners on a site. is a site where the client thoroughly enjoyed the effect.  the Twitter and "About" links are generated with an image map on a banner.  I may get around to completing that image map someday ;~)


Friday 19 August 2011 2:53:35 pm

Hi Doug, Thiago, 

I quickly added a visual explanation on how to insert the imagemap, there :

@Doug : please let me know if this addition is not satisfactory.


Tuesday 13 August 2013 10:50:28 am

This is entirely what I need, how thankful I am to have this guide.


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