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Friday 14 March 2014 4:01:48 pm - 5 replies

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As you may have gathered, we've been doing quite a lot of internal work at eZ over the last year. Aleksander came back as CEO and we have been rethinking and strengthening  eZ’s Organisation and Product Strategy (which is where most of my involvement came in), and also how we articulate our business model on top of an open-source project.

Friday 21 March 2014 2:34:02 pm

We are, of course, very excited to hear about the upcoming eZ Platform, but as a partner who regularly upgrade our clients to the newest eZ version, we are a little concerned about the upgrade path to 6.x, first and foremost for sites including legacy (3.x/4.x) templates. Will it even be possible to upgrade these sites to the eZ Platform? If not, this will have a big (!) impact on our revenue stream.

Tuesday 25 March 2014 9:10:01 am

Thank you for this update Roland, can you clarify a bit about the release of the EditorialBundle and/or AdminBundle ? Customers are very looking forward the release of these bundle and we would like to tell them what will be in there and when ... Any prototype will be release before 5.3 ? Do you plan to open the code source ?


Wednesday 09 April 2014 1:50:49 am


First of, once more, my apologies for the late answer! No excuse...

This is a very interesting topic though and not as simple as replying in 10 seconds.

First of all, one thing to note is that, when this new generation will be released, there will still be a long way for tpl / legacy based website: 5.4 will be supported till end of 2017 with probably an extended support to end of 2019 if we follow our support policy ( cf ). So it is not like your customers will suddenly be abandoned with themselves and you... 2019 at the speed of Internet is very far!

Second is the question of how much this new generation should be backward compatible? It is clear that we care for backward compatibility, otherwise we would have never build the eZ Publish 5 architecture, which is all about backward AND upward compatibility. This said we can't live with it for ever or we will simply not improve. So we will try to keep the good thing and get rid of the not so good things, very honestly.

To your question: will it be possible to upgrade a site made with TPL to eZ Platform. The answer is YES but I dont take any risk here, as everything is possible - one can always redevelop all templates. The real question is if we can provide tools and/or knowledge to make this as painless as possible so that it fit your needs. This is still something we are looking at and I can't provide any clear answer unfortunately. The other question comes to how difficult it will be to move custom code to eZ Platform. I am sure you did not miss Lukasz blog post that provide some elements about the topic: .

Another question somehow implied by your comment is: will the new editorial interface coming with eZ Platform be able to run on legacy storage, and possibly 5.x. This would have the value to provide the latest U.I. without forcing people to move to the latest platform.  This is however not so simple. This is still something we are considering and we can't give answer now.

In both questions, developments will be open as usual, so really, it would make a big difference if contributors in the community would like to team with us to better identify what are the problems, what should we do, and better implement.

I would really recommend we take some time soon (may be in the June event in Oslo?) to discuss this in more details. In all cases, you seem to be scared on the business impact and this is surprising me, is there here any thing unusual? I have the feeling we are quite on the safe side compared to the world we live in, when I look how other CMSs care for backward compatibility (and I won't give names...), also looking at project lifespan, I don't feel like envisioning a migration to a new template language in 4 years from now is really unusual. Is it?

Modified on Wednesday 09 April 2014 5:01:10 pm by Roland Benedetti

Wednesday 09 April 2014 2:09:26 am

Quote from Matthieu Sévère :

Thank you for this update Roland, can you clarify a bit about the release of the EditorialBundle and/or AdminBundle ? Customers are very looking forward the release of these bundle and we would like to tell them what will be in there and when ... Any prototype will be release before 5.3 ? Do you plan to open the code source ?


Hello Matthieu,

Thanks for the comment and sorry to answer a bit late. 

Very clearly, you should not expect too much before 5.3 but we wish to show things.

As you understand, this new generation is for after 5.4. 

When it come to AdminBundle and EditorialBundle, as you might have understand, we will change a bit how we package our Enterprise product to make a clearer differentiation which will benefit to all.

We aim at placing in the "AdminBundle" pretty much the same thing as what you can find in the legacy administration interface, there will be a few differences though but nothing that I personally consider as major, which means that basic editorial capabilities like it is in the legacy admin will be in, and it will be based on a new user interface, with more things on the client side (JS based, relying on the REST interface). This is a product that we consider technical, for developers and administrators. This will clearly be Open Source and will be more Open Source actually...

As you can read from Aleksander here, we aim at providing a commercial product on top of this "eZ Platform". This commercial product will have all the features that we see highly beneficial to business users: giving them more productivity and more comfort and a different user experience. Think about kick-ass collaborative workflow, think about CXM-oriented features coming from the integration with our Analytic and Tracking back-ends on the cloud, think about things like content staging or simple content deployment. We are, as we progress, refining this scope and plan. 

As I said to Eirik in my previous answer, if ever you plan to go to the eZ Days ( ) this would be an excellent time to discuss this in more details. Other wise feel free to ping me on any channel.


Tuesday 13 May 2014 11:21:02 am

Hi Roland,

Since 5.x we've been able to continue upgrading our clients coming from 4.x and using legacy templates due to the clever way you've constructed the 5.x architecture. I've had some discussion with André about how to accomplish something similar for 6.x, and I'm fully aware of the complexity involved should you choose (or at least try) to make the legacy template engine available as an (deprecated) option on this platform.

However, if you do not, we are left with either rewriting all legacy templates to Twig in order to be able to upgrade the client (which would of course be a very costly process for the client) or not upgrade them at all (which means lost revenue on our part).

So my most pressing question (as formulated by yourself) remains: Will you be able to provide tools and/or knowledge to make this (the upgrade process) as painless as possible. If this isn't decided yet I would urge you to move up this discussion and the associated decisions as 6.x is only 6 months away, and we (Netmaking) need to start our planning with regards to whatever you decide.

I'd love to meet up with you in June (as I'm sure we will), but I'm not sure if there's anything to discuss until eZ has outlined some options for how to approach legacy templates in 6.x.


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