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Tuesday 23 March 2010 8:13:50 pm - 10 replies

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Time to welcome a brand new feature on the community portal: the "Mark as solved" one !

Tuesday 23 March 2010 9:03:05 pm

Great idea! I have always wondered why such a feature is not more common in forums in general.

By the way, it should be evident in line view which threads are solved and which are not in order to make it easier to spot those threads still in need of help. This might be the case already though, and that there just aren't any solved threads yet. happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Tuesday 23 March 2010 9:06:04 pm by Eirik Alfstad Johansen

Wednesday 24 March 2010 8:55:19 am

Hallo !

Indeed, there is no topic marked as solved yet happy.gif Emoticon (mark on of yours to try this out blunk.gif Emoticon )

I faked one and snapshot it, by the bottom of the blog post there : When a forum topic is marked as solved, it is pushed to the end of the listing on the parent forum's page. This leaves room for the active topics. We should eventually propose a way to filter on solved topics, where a visitor is sure to find an accepted answer to a question.

We were also thinking of marking forum topics with no reply as "please help me in priority", with an obvious visual difference, what do you think ?

Cheers !

Modified on Wednesday 24 March 2010 8:56:21 am by Nicolas Pastorino

Wednesday 24 March 2010 10:44:59 am

Thank's for this, usefull !

Wednesday 24 March 2010 10:02:41 pm

Thanks Nicolas !

But I'm not sure list resolved topic as the end of the forum list is a good thing.

For example, today I had a problem with ezfind and I resolved it myself. I wrote how to resolve the problem in the post. But if I mark it at resolved only people that went through ezfind forum today will be aware on how to deal with that ... (and I'm not sure ir represents that much people).

I am also going through forums regularily and I like to help people with their problem but I also like to see how others solved their problems.

Do you see what I mean ? What do you think ?

Thursday 25 March 2010 7:56:42 am

It would be good if the the search results also made it evident whether the forum thread had been solved or not.

Also, in order for people to mark their previous threads as solved, they would have to all be gathered somewhere. As of now, the My profile page only displays the most recent activety.

Finally, please do something with the search as soon as you can. From what I heard, eZ Find would be a part of, but it seems like it still isn't, and the current search is, perhaps, even worse than on the old forums.

Thursday 25 March 2010 1:12:49 pm

@Matthieu: you make points. I have received similar feedback, and i think we should indeed remove the 'place solved topics at the end' part of it. Should be done today.

@Eirik: good points, definitely. With regard to a member's profile page, this needs to be done, correct. Concerning the search ergonomy/quality, while eZ Find is running here, it is not leveraged as it should. Much to improve here, so much. From a bird-eye view, here is the list of related use-cases, for implementation:

  • Make the search result page hot and sexy
  • Fine-tune relevancy of content
  • Add facets
  • Implement more-like-this

as you can guess, the first one is heavy happy.gif Emoticon

Patience is the keyword here....unless you have some spare time and want to join the team to tackle one of the 24 tasks/use-cases already present in the backlog happy.gif Emoticon

Cheers guys and thanks for the feedback !

Thursday 25 March 2010 1:26:05 pm

Done. You may want to check whether this applies to your already marked as solved.


Thursday 25 March 2010 2:09:59 pm

Works for me. But the "check" image doesn't apply in the topic list. But I assume this is only due to a cache update.

See ezfind forum for this topic :

Thursday 25 March 2010 2:19:16 pm

This was indeed a cache issue, should be fixed now.
Good catch happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 11 August 2010 7:28:43 am

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