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Thursday 13 June 2013 2:45:39 pm - 3 replies

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(For french speaking people, a french version of this article is available on my own blog)

One part of the Public API and REST API workshop at the eZ Unconference 2013 was dedicated to a concrete demo of the eZ Publish REST API v2. I chose to build a completely static HTML5/JavaScript application to show that with a very few lines of code, it's possible to build a quite fancy application :-)

Sunday 16 June 2013 6:01:00 pm

Thank you for sharing it Damien, it was a good start.

My intention was to test REST interaction with eZ 2013.05 from a PhoneGap app and I can report that with little modifications I was able to make it work.

Things I had to solve:

  1. the cross-domain problem solved after understanding CORS (your link was helpful and I found another one here)  and experimenting various headers settings combination from a .htaccess  placed in the web/ folder; 
  2. the authentication - to get rid of the http auth window by sending the Authorization header in the ajax call
  3. for the mobile app I commented the camera/taking picture code

For anyone interested the modification I've done can be found here:

If you find it useful I can submit a pull request.

Thanks again,


Monday 17 June 2013 9:38:51 am

Hi Virgil,

That's great you find this example useful happy.gif Emoticon I think it's better to keep the example simple and focused on the REST API. However, it would be interesting to import your branch in the repository. Can you just modify the README on your branch to match the changes you did and then I'll import the branch and I'll update the README in the master branch and the posts to advertise it!


Monday 17 June 2013 10:57:41 am

Hi Damien,


I changed the README on the branch and done few other minor changes, I hope it's OK, please let me know if anything else.





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