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Wednesday 26 April 2017 9:26:28 pm - 2 replies

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In eZ Publish 5.x and eZ Platform, we use Assetic to manage a website's JavaScript and CSS. By default, if you make a change to your JS or CSS files, the resulting file name ends up the same. This has some undesirable cache implications that vary depending on whether you're using a reverse proxy or CDN, how you've set up browser caching rules, and more. Here's a simple way to version the file names, while still being able to cache the files as much as possible.

Friday 05 May 2017 8:36:23 pm

Thanks for the great blog post, Peter!

In Symfony 2.8 it is also possible to use custom versioning strategies, we successfully used them on one of our projects by following these instructions:

We basically defined our own asset package ( for example named "ngpackage" ), and then we can use it with:

<link href="{{ asset('style.css', 'ngpackage') }}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Modified on Friday 05 May 2017 8:36:54 pm by Edi Modrić

Monday 08 May 2017 5:36:29 pm

Thanks, Edi! Looks like some potentially conflicting information in the docs about Symfony version support, but we'll definitely take a look for Symfony 2.8!


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