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Thursday 16 February 2012 11:16:30 am - 3 replies

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In a previous blog post called “eZ Publish meets Drupal: building a simple scraper script” it was explained how to use Drupal functionality in eZ Publish to develop a scraper script. The actual objective for developing this script was to gather detailed information about all the projects available on the website, such as extension compatibility, repositories used, downloads, reviews, etc. The scraper returned a total of 836 projects. Extensions listed in the category “old contributions” were excluded from the list of projects retrieved. The total number of projects, including the ones formerly hosted on the “ancient” contribs section on is 1197. This blog post presents a summary of the data gathered, along with remarks and recommendations.

Thursday 16 February 2012 11:39:19 am

Good one Sebastiaan.

It is good to feel that the whole community is identifying the main issues early, in proper sync, and that is slowly becoming one.

As your conclusion states, we will fix this, together. Open RFC (Request For Comments on the functional specification of the revamped lined-up for this semester !

Cheers and keep-up,

Thursday 16 February 2012 11:53:51 am

Very interesting article and I'm very proud to count 2 of my extensions in the top 5 downloads and even in the top 3 if we exclude eZ Systems' extensions blunk.gif Emoticon

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Friday 17 February 2012 11:08:06 am

Great work!

Other useful statistics might be:

. the top 10 devs who participate in other projects too (ie. not having a lead role) - this is important in a community that needs to collaborates and is not a big dump for pet projects blunk.gif Emoticon

. the projects with the most releases (ie. files for download)

Which brings me to the ideas for improvement:

- we should definitely have a "release" content class, used as child of project. Only releases can be tagged as being compatible with ez versions, and files for download should be part of releases

- allow tagging projects as "external source" and/or "external download". A project that has no such tags and no file in svn or no download available after say 1 year might be considered vaporware and eligible for removal


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