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Friday 29 October 2010 9:12:53 pm - 6 replies

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Today the team has reached another goal. With the combined efforts of Jérôme, Alexandre and Nicolas the old contrib section which was hosted on has been migrated to

Friday 29 October 2010 10:08:48 pm

Another interesting link,

Remember only some of the projects imported were tagged with this category.



Saturday 30 October 2010 8:08:05 am

Thanks for that link Heath, this is indeed relevant to the migration.

Most of the contribs were mapped to existing types e.g. categories on the project site but some did not fit any of those types. So we moved those to the "old_contributions" type and can indeed be found at

We might be moving those projects to other/new types when we perform the cleanup.

-- Robin

Tuesday 02 November 2010 1:29:45 pm


I've red the github article. If i understand the article, ezsystem's "official" extensions sources will be hosted on gitub on a CVS tree and community extensions sources will be on as simple archive downloads ?

I've made a contribution a few years before ezsips (1 & 2). Is there a way to make it available again ? Will it keep download count and comments ?


Tuesday 02 November 2010 4:56:54 pm

Hello Martin,

eZ Systems official extension source code will be hosted on github in a GIT repository freely available to all.

Community extensions will remain being hosted on (some will remain using the svn repositories).

You or anyone can publish their extensions and solutions on (I don't think download count or comments where imported as part of the contributions migration).



Tuesday 02 November 2010 5:55:47 pm

Hello Heath,

Great i will publish my extension in projects.

Thanks a lot.

Tuesday 02 November 2010 6:22:40 pm

Gee Martin that's great to hear. Be sure to publish something here on when you have published your extension on so we can all check it out happy.gif Emoticon




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