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Friday 07 March 2014 4:37:38 pm - 2 replies

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Field Types are the most granular building block for content managed by eZ Publish. Custom FieldTypes are a very powerful type of extension, since they allow you to hook deep into the content model.

Friday 11 July 2014 3:04:54 pm

Hi Bertrand,

Good job there. However, as far as I understand we still need to implement legacy datatype, to make all of this work, right? 

Can you share somehow the datatype file? I mean the one which should be placed in legacy_extension/datatypes/ directory. 

Wednesday 30 July 2014 11:33:59 am

you need to create the legacy datatype if you plan to use the new fieldtype in the admin interface, yes. I guess that includes 99% of the cases (unless you only use REST for all your content editing needs)


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