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Tuesday 08 July 2014 4:37:07 pm - 15 replies

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Today, we are happy to open the PlatformUIBundle git repository on Github. To be honest, it’s also a great personal achievement for me since it’s the result of exactly one year of work!

As its name suggests, this bundle provides the user interfaces which will replace the good old legacy admin interface. It actually provides the Platform UI Application which is divided into two different parts

  1. the editorial part where you’ll be able to manage your content (browse, create, edit, remove, move, copy, ...)
  2. the admin part where you’ll be able to achieve technical related tasks (manage users, languages, sections, content types, ...)

Tuesday 08 July 2014 10:26:11 pm

As said in Twitter this looks very very promissing. Love see more javascript validation and those previews in devices.

Two things to say on my side:

I wouldnt hide the content tree by default. This is probably the biggest difference from ez to others and thinking if probably that could be configured or something. Our customer tends to Love that tree happy.gif Emoticon

The other thing is the edit button sited in the right. At first i was looking for the buttons below the content preview happy.gif Emoticon. The fact that is sited in another thought made me thought that wasnt for the content itself...


Tthis are my first thoughts after watching the screencast and thought it would be good to share them. But again, let me add overall this looks great!

Wednesday 09 July 2014 7:36:53 am

Hi Damien,

Awesome. I need to test this sometime soon.

Can you let me know upfront why the project depends so much on YUI? Are the specific reasons for it?

Wednesday 09 July 2014 9:53:20 am

What I actually wanted to ask for is, if angularjs ( has been evaluated to provide the foundation. They seem to have a clearer model of seperation of models and layout which could be beneficial. In other means I can`t jugde. Angularjs wasn`t much known in the past, but got a lot of tention. Yahoo vs Google.

Wednesday 09 July 2014 10:12:40 am

First, thanks for your feedback!

@Carlos: On the tree, I had more or less the same feeling when I first saw our static prototype. But I think part of this feeling comes from our habits from the legacy admin interface. For now, we only have the tree "button" in this column (the Discovery Bar), but when we'll have others "browsing related" widgets like search, bookmarks and so on, it'll make more sense. In addition, by organizing things like that, we know that the column is not too tall so it can be fixed and thus all the widgets are always available no matter if you scroll down. And last, it makes easy to have a responsive column (even if for now this process is manual, this will be changed at some points)

For the edit button, I guess the legacy point is also valid happy.gif Emoticon The idea of putting the buttons there is also a way to fix a recurring issue where people sometimes thinks that the remove button is for the sub-items while it acts on the content being displayed. Again, with more stuff in the right column (Action bar), I guess this will be clearer (maybe ?)

@Björn: well, as said in the blog post, YUI is really a high quality project! It provides a lots of good and consistent components out of the box. This projects is also "compatible" with some of our core values like the compatibility with the browsers we are targeting, the attention to the backward compatibility and the quality and so on... Note that this does not prevent you from using something else on your website and even while extending the Platform UI App, you'll be able to use 3rd party libs without much trouble. And don't worry, it's not that hard, it's still JavaScript after all blunk.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 09 July 2014 10:29:50 am

Yes Angular was evaluated, we even did a prototype with it. The main point for choosing YUI was the set of components that comes with it.


Wednesday 09 July 2014 10:30:42 am

@Damien. Definitely. As some of your teammates know, i'm one of the more legacy boys around happy.gif Emoticon. So, yes, i'm heavily influenced for that in the two parts. But good to know the reason behind the changes. Let's see where this arrives.

Wednesday 09 July 2014 10:45:49 am

Hi Damien,

Congratulations for your work ! But I am a bit curious to know why we need to install Nodejs in order to make it work ?

Wednesday 09 July 2014 11:09:28 am

Thanks Yannick! This is because we are using Bower to install the frontend dependencies. This is also one of the reasons behind EZP-23128 so we need to fix that somehow.


Monday 11 August 2014 4:12:22 pm

Hi Damien,

Thanks for heading up the single most exciting thing happening with eZ during the last 12 years. 
Due to some issues with Composer, I've been unable to install the UI bundle, so my feedback is based solely on your video demo.

Minimize button

The grouping of content navigation actions in the left column and content manipulation actions in the right, makes a lot of sense. However, I would argue that the minimize actions for both columns is something different alltogether, and should be treated as such, and not as the first (and by association, most important) action for each column. To me it would make more sense for these actions to be toned down both in size and color, and have a slightly different placement (for instance in the upper, outer corner of each column).

Content tree navigation

The popup content navigation tree looks cool, but I'm concerned that it might be somewhat lacking in information. When navigating the content tree, seeing info like content type and author can sometimes be vital in locating the proper piece of content. My concern is that editors might not be able to locate the proper content without this meta data to guide them.

Close button

In edit mode there's a "Close" button in addition to the "Publish", "Save" and "Discard changes" options. It is not clear to me what this option does relative to the others.

Mode animation

The animation effects when entering and exiting edit mode are a little confusing. Are they completed, or is this a known bug?

Monday 20 October 2014 8:05:13 pm

Hi Damien,

unfortunately the development of YUI is discontinued. What are the future plans of removing this framework?

Best wishes,


Tuesday 16 December 2014 10:18:56 am

Hi there,

sorry for the late reply...

@Georg: André wrote a blog on that topic.

@Eirik: that's an interesting feedback!

I agree on the minimize button. To be honest, I'm not responsible for this kind of stuff but I guess we can change that without problems. Anyway, I created a JIRA issue for that.

For the tree I kind of agree as well. There's a story for adding an icon corresponding to the content type that would help a bit. The tree is currently a simplified one and is supposed to propose more options. We can also add some info in the title but I'm unsure if that would really help. The plan is also to provide a handy search widget so that the tree is not the only way to browse contents.

For the close view button and the animations, we are not fixed yet as well. This might (will) change. Some of us already mentioned those issues.


Monday 22 December 2014 6:43:06 pm

Hello there ! 

I tried to install the platform ui bundle via composer but i get an error after the downloading.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 36639406 bytes) in phar:///usr/local/bin/composer/src/Composer/Util/RemoteFilesystem.php on line 244

Tuesday 23 December 2014 1:43:20 am

Hello Guillaume,

Try the following to disable the php cli binary memory limit at runtime.

php -d memory_limit=-1 composer-command-etc

I hope this helps!


Modified on Tuesday 23 December 2014 1:43:38 am by // Heath

Tuesday 23 December 2014 5:58:10 pm

I updated composer and now the install works ! Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 24 December 2014 6:58:31 pm

Hello Guillaume,

I'm glad you solved the problem. I'm happy I could help happy.gif Emoticon



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