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Thursday 30 September 2010 2:35:34 pm - 4 replies

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I was browsing the new eZ publish site and I could see links to free eZ publish ebooks. Let's talk about these free ebooks.

Thursday 30 September 2010 5:09:27 pm

Thanks for the notice. I only haven't The Advance Content Managment ebook.

Thursday 30 September 2010 8:28:00 pm

The eZ Publish Basics ebook is really outdated.

Monday 25 October 2010 10:31:21 am

Thanks, I downloaded the three books.

Sunday 08 January 2012 5:04:59 am

Hello Thiago!

I just love this blog post, but when looking for it recently I realized I think it could benefit from a few improvements. Here is what I am thinking ...

Would you edit this blog post and expand the 'tags' to include say for example: 'books, free pdf books, pdf, training materials, full length books, ez systems' etc ... This might help others find this blog post more quickly via search. See I know this is a problem today as I tried to find your blog post and it took far too long to find it via both google and share searches sad.gif Emoticon


So in an interest of improving the indexing of the 3 books eZ Systems created and now offers as free pdf book downloads in a more accesable and general way ...

Graham@BC took a moment to update the related documentation about these books on eZpedia.

Now eZpedia offers both form survey and direct download links for all three eZ Publish Training Books. Yes! All 3 books eZ Systems published about eZ Publish! All available right now!


Get your copies downloaded quick, tell your friends, these books may not be hosted on forever!

When these pdfs are removed from the internet in the future you'll want to make sure you already have personal local backup copies of this content before that does happen...


I hope this helps others in the future ensure they have their own copies of these full length free books about eZ Publish development. These books are perfect for training new users! 





Note: Sorry we did not include the links to the white paper pdf downloads or the other pdf downloads provided on the page: within the ezpedia books article. Instead feel free to browse this page directly for more interesting eZ Publish related downloads like training books and sales materials.

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