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translate the content of my page and currency based on selected language in front end

translate the content of my page and currency based on selected language in front end

Tuesday 13 March 2012 12:21:13 pm - 3 replies

Hi,I used google translator for translating my page, it's working fine. I want to use ezpublish translator instead of google translator. My need is , 1. user can select languages in front end. 2.According to the selected language the content of my page and currency should change. so what are the steps i have to do.. .Please help me

Tuesday 13 March 2012 2:48:32 pm

Hey Nagoor,

to reach you goal 'creating a multilingual site' you should start with understanding the concepts.

  1. implement different siteaccesses for each language you like to realize
  2. create language related versions to your eZpublish instance.

You can read, how to do that in depth if you follow this link.

It's a little old Oct 2009, but you should get the main idea. That's what my google-attack answered.

Best Regards


Wednesday 14 March 2012 11:31:36 am

HI chris,


Thank you for your reply

* i have finished list the languages in front end

* Now i want to translate the content in different language (For example product details content). so i have to know how to translate that content.


* whether we need to add content for each language or using single content we can translate to all language

*Can you please explain

Modified on Wednesday 14 March 2012 11:33:11 am by nagoor meeran

Saturday 17 March 2012 10:51:01 am

Hi Nagoor,

good job! You have to add a certain language to your languagelist in the setup-tab (backend).

Maybe you should also research a little on this:

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Best Chris


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