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Monday 03 September 2012 11:33:16 am - 1 reply

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In the process of working on the XmlText FieldType of new new Public API, it has been decided to work with and provide an XML schema (XSD) that would validate the format used in the ezxmltext datatype.

Monday 03 September 2012 1:13:33 pm

+1 for the initiative!

I am a big fan of using schemas to document/validate xml documents (it's one of the few good reasons to actually use xml... blunk.gif Emoticon ). I even implemented it along with the xml "view" of data in

Relax-ng is probably the best xml-schema language out there (and it supports a non-xml serialization as well), so stick with it - even if it does has not the best tooling available.

A question: do you automatically expand the schema to take into account custom elements defined via ini files? Creating a simple static file will probably not do in this case...

Once this is done, we can look at creating a schema for ez xml package format.

Then put both in the /schemas directory of eZ, instead of developing them into extensions.


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