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"Access denied" with custom extensions after upgrade to 4.1

"Access denied" with custom extensions after upgrade to 4.1

Sunday 22 March 2009 9:18:29 pm - 2 replies


All my custom extensions are not working anymore after updating eZ 4.0.0 to eZ 4.1.0, I'm getting "Access denied" message. Here is debug output:

Error: error/view.php      Mar 22 2009 12:57:26

Error ocurred using URI: /index.php/export/downloads/

Warning: Insufficient permissions     Mar 22 2009 12:57:26

Function required:
 Module : export
 Function : 
 ClassID : 
 MainNodeID : 
Policies that didn't match:

Timing:     Mar 22 2009 12:57:26

Module end 'error'

There were no changes to this extensions since eZ 4.0.0.

One more thing - extension is listed in enabled extensions, when I try to add new policy to role - extension is not listed.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this error?

PS. Following code in site.ini.append doesn't help:



Sunday 22 March 2009 11:50:58 pm

1. see the 4.1 article for link to a session cache issue w/ patch that might cause this

2. All modules need to be defined in module.ini[ModuleSettings]ModuleList[] as of 4.1, in 4.0 and earlier this was optional and module list was generated on the fly on each request (lots of file system stat calls)

3. clear user cache in admin

Monday 23 March 2009 10:58:01 pm

Thanks! And the winner is "Number 2" blunk.gif Emoticon


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