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Adding Header and Footer to existing PDF with ParadoxPDF

Adding Header and Footer to existing PDF with ParadoxPDF

Sunday 09 October 2011 1:05:46 pm - 1 reply

Hi all

I tried to post this comment on , but no matter how I tried, my login is not accepted in I tried editing my profile but to no avail. I hope it is ok to post it here instead (though this way I won't get the project owner certain attention)

I need to generate pdf files based on pdf files already loaded in the content structure, by adding an image to the header another image to the footer. These images to add vary based on the current logged in user. Sort of customizing a generic pdf to a user's profile.

I believe this should not be too difficult. I already changed paradoxpdf_layout.tpl to use my context based header and footer images, but I have not been able to put the original pdf in the middle. I attempted to render the pdf as image, but so far, no luck.

Can anyone share some tips on the best way to achieve this?

Many thanks

Sunday 09 October 2011 8:11:47 pm

Hello lo Sol Inf,

Regarding the login problems on and password changes on

I commented on this recently here,

In short I suggest contacting Nicolas to help you in addressing this matter. Though I must say I think your very smart for realizing that a projects forums are better in some situations than the forums.

I must say I've not used the paradoxpdf extension yet but I have heard several positive reviews.

So I can't say really best how to do this within the extension in question but I was curious so I googled these refereces.


I'd imagine if paradoxpdf does not work for your needs you could consider writing a an extension (operator, module view, etc) to do the work of combining the pdf files, storing the file in the var dir, storing the location to the combined file in database as (custom) datatype (ezbinaryfile?) object attribute content, custom persistent object, etc), and displaying this custom file location to users (in/at the appropriate location). You have a lot of available options when it comes to just how best to implement this functionality so it meets your unique requirements.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your needs.





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