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After server move, no images in paradoxpdf generated pdf

After server move, no images in paradoxpdf generated pdf

Tuesday 28 August 2012 4:39:51 pm - 1 reply


after moving a ezpublish installation which uses paradoxpdf to generate pdfs to a new server, all images are not put into the pdf.

So what i have found out: paradoxpdf seems to get the images from the java tool externally. The server runs under https:// but the java tool tries to get the images via http://

First question is: how can i get it to get the images via https:// ?

When i just take this http:// url that paradox wants to put into the pdf, and paste it into wget, wget tries to load the http resource, gets a redirect to https and stops that the cert is made by a unknown CA.. Could this be a problem with the java tool to? How can i 'learn' the CA to paradoxpdf?

Tuesday 28 August 2012 11:49:33 pm


The issue is with java itself.  Please read my (as usual) long-winded response below.  There are a few options available for you - and hopefully one of them will be acceptable happy.gif Emoticon  Or, maybe someone else can chime in with a more elegant solution.



  • Paradox PDF uses the flying-sauce xml to PDF generator
  • This, in turn uses java net IO classes
  • These classes are strict about CA certs (based on the default java keystore settings)

More specific search terms for your issue are actually "flying-saucer pdf image ssl/https" and you get to more of the root of the problem



  • Bad CA cert cause the connection to close and manifests itself to you as an java.io.IOException: Stream closed


Possible Choices:

  1. Use the java utility keytool to either add a cert or create a separate keystore. Nope - I've never done this.
  2. Get a valid cert
  3. Change all resources in your css and template to use file://full/path/to/your/website(thus, not invoking any network fetch)
  4. [my favorite] Change your server or eZ Publish settings to allow the requests from your paradox PDF generator to request content vial http instead.  This was my solution to the exact same issue - which was accomplished by allowing requests from the local server to not have to be secure.


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