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bcimagealias, not able to configure workflow (eZP 4.4)

bcimagealias, not able to configure workflow (eZP 4.4)

Sunday 13 November 2011 6:54:22 pm - 8 replies

Hi all

Thank you, Brookins Consulting, for this useful extension.

I made some tweaks to it in order to restrain what aliases from which attributes are to be generated.

I have not been able to configure a workflow in eZP 4.4, though. I had to change the name of the type_string from bcimagealiasgenerateobjectimagealiasvariations to bcimagealiasgenerateobjectiavariations (refactoring, naturally), because I kept getting the error:

Workflow type not found: event_bcimagealiasgenerateobjectimagealiasvariatio, searched in these directories

I figure there some truncation somewhere in eZP 4.4 database objects.

Also in the workflow code, there's a reference to an eZImageAlias that I suspect meant to reference BCImageAlias (line 37)

I'll gladly post a diff file with my changes (if and when I manage to be able to post to happy.gif Emoticon)


Modified on Sunday 13 November 2011 7:32:27 pm by Io Sol Inf

Sunday 13 November 2011 11:09:43 pm

I must be doing something wrong. The workflow now fails when trying to scriptIterate. This function instantiates script.php which duplicates the definition of eZDBCleanup function (already defined in index.php).

Maybe I didn't saw it right and this extension does not support eZPublish 4.4 at all.

Is someone using it, as Before Publish workflow in 4.4?

Monday 14 November 2011 2:26:58 am

Hello Lo Sol Inf,


I'm very sorry. It seems there are still some issues to work out with this contribution's compatibility.

I belive there are still changes which we need to make. One I just noticed was that the workflow event is technically a few characters too long (among other important runtime issues we are also seeing. Also the reference to the prototype class extension name and the running of scriptIterate method during workflow execution (only supposed to run during script execution) you mentioned.

I am working on addressing these concerns right away.

I will post again when I have addressed these concerns.

Please feel free to publish a pastbin diff of your modifications to this forum thread.

These differences help us solve these issues encountered even more quickly.

And yes the workflow event has been designed to run on the before content publish trigger. Also the extension (when these issues are resolved) should support any eZ Publish 4.x+ installation (including 4.4.x).

Thank you for your feedback. This really helps us ensure we deliver a complete solution.


 I hope this helps ...




Monday 14 November 2011 4:35:32 am

Thank you, Heath. This surely helped.

I am behind schedule to have all working in the next few hours. Then I'll spend a few days tweaking up the site fixing last minute bugs and such.

As soon as I am done with it, I'll clean up my changes and post a diff of them here.


Monday 05 December 2011 12:58:46 pm

Hello Lo Sol Inf,


We recently pushed a large number of changes to this extension.

Our latest testing with 2011.09 shows this latest pushed version as a tested stable beta.


We are asking all users interested to please test again with the *much improved* latest version!


I hope this helps ...




Modified on Monday 05 December 2011 1:00:10 pm by // Heath

Thursday 08 December 2011 7:26:23 am

Hello Io Sol Inf!


After a whole lot of development and testing I wanted to share some new developments tonight.


New features in BCImageAlias

I wanted to take a moment to share that we have recently pushed changes tonight which add new features to the bcimagealias extension which allows it to now generate content tree node object and all child node object image aliases via PHP, cli script and workflow event.

Previous versions of the extension were limited to generating by object-id (one object at a time). The new version allows for generation by node-id and optionally child node subtree(s) (many objects at one time).

This is the most common use case we see for new users of the extension and we are very happy to see these new features land in the project repository (among many other smaller improvements).

This means you can simply install the extension and very quickly generate all image aliases in the content tree(s)('Home', 'Media', 'Users' root node subtrees, in default install of ezwebin) directly, quickly and efficiently in one easy to use command line command.


We are not yet regularly reposting packages as the extension development continues at a more frequent pace. In the future after the next few waves of feature development we will establish a more regular release and package routine so users who don't use git just yet can always try the latest stable version.

As always you can still get the latest stable tested beta extension sources from github directly,

And here is a copy of the latest version's changelog and the recent commit described above.


Feel free to ask more questions about bcimagealias, we would be happy to answer your questions!


I hope this helps ...




Friday 09 December 2011 1:23:41 am

Hi Heath

Thank you very much for the update. I am still tweaking some parts of my website. It has gone live now, and there are many requests from the end users for things to implement / fix every day happy.gif Emoticon

I have tweaked the extension as well. I wished to post on what I did and maybe include a diff file with my post. Unfortunately I still cannot log in to have access to post there.

With my simple changes I am now able to specify exactly which attributes and aliases to generate by using this extension. Yet, as we moved the site to a dedicated and very powerful machine I have disabled the pre generation of stuff for the time being. I suppose I'll reactivate again once we reach a stage where updates take place once a week (instead of several times a day :P)



Friday 09 December 2011 3:20:28 am

Hello Io Sol Inf,


Your very welcome. We are here to help.

I'm sorry your still having trouble with login/use. Have you contacted the eZ Community Manager - Nicolas Pastorino (nfrp at ez dot no) yet? I'm fairly certain he could help you directly.


I must say I am very eager to review your changes/diff to the bcimagealias extension.


Would you email a copy of it to us directly? Send us email, (any time, we are almost always working)

I'd really like to be able to review your changes over this weekend if you don't mind.


Also you can find us on skype, we are almost always online there too, add our user 'brookinsconsulting' on skype. Also we are regularly on #ezpublish just ask the regular user kracker.


Since we use GitHub for our project repository hosting now, why not login to github directly and submit a real pull request with your improvements? While a more involved process (if your new to using git as an svn replacement), it makes accepting your improvements, a much better process (not sure if that is the right phrase atm), simpler for me to bring in your changes into the extension, plus the pull request process can often result in a much higher quality result than otherwise.

Still since time is often scarce and not all users have accepted git/github just yet, lets not let that be come an excuse either.


I just want to get the work completed successfully, I have little preference for how it's done, lets use tools which let us connect, share and move forward promptly, than wait for anything that is preventing forward progress.


* I'd rather get an email with an outdated diff for review this saturday morning, than risk never hearing from you again if we were to insist on a pull request on github or only communicating on or waiting in just about any way *


Life is too short and we have seen far too many acquaintances start speaking about sharing/working to help better meet their needs (not ours) with us directly in someway, only to have them basically never heard from again (happens so often you really start to do whatever you can to avoid things like that from continuing to happen as regularly)



While I still value leveraging and github to help users, if that is not working, lets not use that as an excuse for not staying in contact or exchanging extension improvements. We are still in regular active development on this extension, for at least the next two more weeks, and we are pushing serious new features and improvements several times a week.


Just to wrap up .. we are still on schedule, for next week's development, which will add admin siteaccess content structure menu item submenu items (like how ezodf and ezmultiupload offer) which perform all key features, available through the cli script presently, within the admin siteaccess directly, using two new module views which perform the requests relying on using the existing base class.


Let us know what you think or if you have any other *wishlists* of features you would like (but may not have time to develop yourself) feel free to ask any time.


Best wishes ... (on your project which has gone live and is still in active improvement followup)




Sunday 11 December 2011 3:55:39 pm

Hello Io Sol Inf,


Well, We didn't get an email / diff from you on Saturday so we continued with our development of bcimagealias extension without it.


Today we have pushed a rather large set of improvements to GitHub,


You can review the changelog (as we have made many improvements to 0.0.23 version)


Also it's worth mentioning we added support to the bcimagealias script and class for the parameters '--classes', '--attributes' and '--aliases'. You can see examples of how to use these parameters reviewing the doc/USAGE file,

This should provide the features you had described in your private modified version. If you would like, we would still like to review your modified version / diff for other potential improvements you have made to the extension.


We also added admin siteaccess content structure and popup class menu links. These links allow for you to use the same features as the command line script to create, regenerate and remove image alias image variation image files using two new module views 'create' and 'remove'. This was the initial focus for this iteration of development.

This makes it possible for any user with the required role policies to create, regenerate and remove image alias image variation image files using the existing content structure and popup class menus with the bcimagealias extension.


We hope this helps ...




Modified on Sunday 11 December 2011 4:00:46 pm by // Heath


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