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Calendar next/previous link mechanism

Calendar next/previous link mechanism

Friday 22 June 2012 3:43:45 am - 1 reply

I'm trying to get the Blend calendar to work. In the backend the links to next and previous month work fine, clicking on them makes the calendar change months. The date links work too -  clicking on '5 June' in the calendar table brings up a list of the events for that day. I notice that the ezwebin calendar seems to work in the same way - the links have the same format and the behaviour is the same.

But in the front end something is wrong. The date links are constructed


but instead of triggering a list of items for that day they result in a redirection to the home page.

Could somebody give a some hints on why this would be happening? I suspect a missing js file, but the admin interface is so laden with js it's hard to tell which one.

Tuesday 26 June 2012 1:05:36 pm

To debug this, I suggest using the script debugger in Chrome, turning on the onclick breakpoint, and watch which file/method gets triggered when you click the calendar in the back-end.  Then do the same in the front-end.

Also, if your JS is packed, set the Packer setting in ezjscore/settings/ezjscore.ini.append.php to 0, in order to view the files individually.

Hope that helps, and please post back if you resolve the issue!



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