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Call for testers: new Online Editor

Call for testers: new Online Editor

Saturday 16 February 2008 7:55:45 pm - 303 replies

Hi all!

eZ Publish Online Editor 5.0 is now completed and included in eZ Publish 4.1.x and higher.



Issue tracker:
* tag with the version you use, for instance 5.0.1
* mention svn version if you use svn version
* Remember to specify browser/version/os/javascript error
* Screen shoots if it applies

* Updated 6th of May 2009 with new location of extension (project.ez..no/ezoe) and state of extension.

Modified on Tuesday 11 January 2011 10:00:47 am by Nicolas Pastorino

Monday 07 July 2008 4:35:02 pm

Beta4 is version out, this is most probably the last beta since all major issues are fixed.
So delete or rename the one you have, extract the new one, clear ini and template cache and give it a go.


Some changes:
* Custom attributes settings are reworked to be more streamlined ( content.ini )
They also have their own templates so you can easily add your own types.
* Added custom attributes 'color picker' type
* Added custom attribute to Style map to preview attributes used for style in the editor
* Fixed all custom tag related issues
* Fixed all empty paragraph related issues
* literal text in ie6 bug
More details in the change log file.

BC break compared to ezdhtml:
This issue has been in ezoe since day one: it is not possible/buggy to add links around embed tags.
The reason is that a block tag used (div) inside the editor for embed tags (unless it is defined as a image), and a link (a) cannot have block tag as child.
I will look into fixing this before next version (rc).

Are you looking in correct svn repository? It is mentioned in content.ini and ezoe.ini (CustomAttributeStyleMap).

Modified on Monday 07 July 2008 4:41:27 pm by André R

Tuesday 08 July 2008 6:38:38 am

Has any one run into a problem pasting external text from other applications? We work primarily on OS X machines and have been unable to paste text with line breaks into the ezoe extension without losing all the line breaks in the process.

This has been tested across a number of applications including textmate and similar and we continue to lose the line breaks.

Any thoughts as to why this might happen?

Tuesday 08 July 2008 6:50:19 am

Thanks Andre, the new editor looks fantastic.

I have two questions:

1) AJAX loading of eZ Templates & Online Editor.
I've been experimenting with loading eZ edit templates via an ez_xajax call and then placing the resulting code in page div.
Everything works properly except for the editor (using Beta 4). I think this is because the load/execution order of the editor javascript files and template javascript become confused (Firebug reports errors: "eZOeMCE is not defined", "tinymce is not defined" x 2).

I have been able to load the Online Editor via a xajax eZ template load by:
- Loading tiny_mce.js & ez_core.js as part of a custom pagelayout.tpl
- in ezxmltext_ezoe.tpl: adapting the "runonce" javascript code into a function that is called if not already done (ie if (typeof(window['eZOeMCE']) == 'undefined'), then load "runonce" javascript function, this check is placed in second always-run section of javascript)

Unfortunately these changes make the extension unusable for normal editing in the user/admin siteaccesses.

Qn: >> Is it possible to structure ezxmltext_ezoe.tpl so that it checks/enforces a correct sequence of javascript execution? Or perhaps there's something else I've missed?

Some other options seem to include:
- Some sort of class-based override for the ezxmltext_ezoe.tpl (but I'm not sure how to achieve this in an extension)
- A second version of extension, with different versions active for user/admin siteaccesses (only a partial solution)

Anyone else struck this? Any thoughts?

2) Color Picker? This sounds great - can you give a brief desciption of where it is used in the online editor (or how it is enabled) - I haven't managed to spot it.


- Paul

Tuesday 08 July 2008 1:55:01 pm

I know there are some work being done in the tinyMCE community to improve the past plugin. How did the old editor work in respect to pasting on OS X?

Paul Wilson:
1) Haven't used xajax so wouldn't know much. Why do you need to load it with xajax? And have you remembered to also load the javascript/css files loaded by ezoescript()/ezoecss?

2) look in content.ini in ezoe. Then look in ezoe.ini for how to setup style to attribute mapping so it is previewed in the editor.

Tuesday 08 July 2008 3:20:11 pm

- Which Browser?
- linebreaks in the final html or in the editor (no <br /> tags?)
- which clipboard are you using?
- try for debugging to claim that your browser is firefox or camino instead of safari.
- is remove_linebreaks set on or off?

Modified on Tuesday 08 July 2008 3:20:19 pm by michiel n.

Tuesday 08 July 2008 3:40:44 pm

Hi Andre,
re: ez_xajax, the xajax aspect should not matter to much - I'm just doing what the editor does (eg adding images from eZ) - accessing and presenting eZ object data without page reloads.

I've already put together the elements to view/create/edit/remove some custom eZ Objects via xajax, but initially this only worked by sending/returning object data. Now I've got to the point of calling the full code for eZ Publish templates (including the data) - this actually seems to work pretty well, except that the tinyMCE editor does not load and gives errors (noted in my previous post). I suspect the ability to re-use eZ templates called via xajax may open up some important new possibilities for xajax-enabled eZ sites (and perhaps eZ Components?).

I could be wrong, but my impression is that the only reason the new editor does not already work is because it is loaded more quickly than it would be in a normal eZ Publish page. This means that parts of the editor template code are loaded and run before other javascript elements of the editor are loaded or ready. This is why I was thinking some code to ensure the javascript elements are loaded and run in a particular sequence. (Actually I identified some code that claims to do this, but have not experimented with it, ref http://www.codeplex.com/ensure).

Anyway, if there's simple way to achieve this strict execution sequence in ezxmltext_ezoe.tpl, that would be great. In any case, I'll do some more experiements and contact you if I make useful progress.

<i>[Note on approach: at a functional level, what I'm doing is getting the code for an eZ edit template (generated in PHP), then using xajax as a method to return that code to a javascript function, which then sets it as the innerHTML of a div on the existing page.] </i>

Thanks & regards

- Paul

Tuesday 08 July 2008 10:57:52 pm

Just to inform everyone, I needed to remove this from trunk today (CustomAttributeStyleMap):
>Added custom attribute to Style map to preview attributes used for style in the editor

Reason is that if you use color in that feature on a inline custom or embed tag (span tags in editor), they will be converted to font tags in ie / ff / opera for some reason and then removed when you re publish / store the object. So until I find a way to workaround/fix this and test it more, please be careful when / avoid using this feature.

As I mentioned, look into the scripts / css loaded with ezoescript / ezoecss operators, might help.

Wednesday 09 July 2008 7:06:27 am

I reported some <literal> problems, but those don't seem to happen now (it must have been a bit older version, probably beta 1 or so).

Meanwhile, I would suggest a bit larger literal style font, up to 11-12px or equivalent (and maybe monospaced as well?).


Wednesday 09 July 2008 11:37:47 am

André R.

Hi, my svn is http://svn.ez.no/svn/extensions/eztinymce
and in trunk/ezoe/settings/ezoe.ini or content.ini
i didn't find CustomAttributeStyleMap ?

Wednesday 09 July 2008 11:52:04 am

Read my last post, I removed it from ezoe.ini yesterday.

Friday 11 July 2008 6:22:25 pm

Hi André,

I would like to know if it was possible to map buttons with custom attributes, like for the bold or italic button. I think it coul be very useful happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 14 July 2008 3:21:15 pm

Currently you would have to create a tinymce plugin to do that, and you would need to create a new theme to add new buttons if none of the buttons in the current themes suits your need.

Monday 14 July 2008 7:16:44 pm

There are still some weird things happening with literal boxes.

1) When I insert a new literal, it is pre-filled with an empty space. I expect many people to have problems with spotting/removing the space, and it is kept there later.

2) When I try to leave an empty line (but not a paragraph), it would get converted into a paragraph brake, for example:


echo 's';


after processing will no longer be a five-line code, but a three line with a paragraph! Try to put the above code into a literal box, publish, and re-edit.

3) Following the above, paragraph empty lines (or endings) seem to get replicated each time the attribute is eddited/stored. Just put this code in the literal:

Line #1

Line #3

and store several times. At first, the empty line will get converted into a paragraph, then in will become two, then three, then five, then eight... and so on ;(

Should literal actually include any paragraphs (logic) at all?

Modified on Monday 14 July 2008 7:18:39 pm by Piotr Karaś

Tuesday 15 July 2008 1:01:43 pm

1) should I fill it with tag name instead if no text is selected? ('literal')

2 & 3) Seems to be caused by a line from the old editor.
Please test by commenting out line ~1139 in ezxmltext/handlers/input/ezoexmlinput.php:

    $literalText = str_replace( "\n\n", '</p><p>', $literalText );

Tuesday 15 July 2008 1:24:48 pm

1) should I fill it with tag name instead if no text is selected? ('literal')

So I assume you have to fill it with something? Not sure what would be better...

2 & 3) Seems to be caused by a line from the old editor.
Please test by commenting out line ~1139 in ezxmltext/handlers/input/ezoexmlinput.php:

Yup, this is it. Will you fix that or will we have to remember about that line when using new OE with eZ 4.0.x?


Modified on Tuesday 15 July 2008 1:25:36 pm by Piotr Karaś

Tuesday 15 July 2008 2:44:52 pm


Yes, some browsers tends to remove the tag if it is totally empty, but I'll test this out on literal to see if it doesn't need it.

it's in trunk now, just wanted to make sure it worked for you too.

Friday 18 July 2008 1:40:08 pm

Some feedback on a short testing of beta4 (ff 2.0.14 on xp):

- literal tags get some newlines eaten when switching from oe view to plain view and then back to oe view. After publishing content and going back to edit it again, there are otoh a lot of newlines added

- adding an anchor after having selected some text does not create the anchor over that text but deletes it

- when creting a link, I think the "view" selector should be disabled when the type of link is not eznode or ezobject...

Friday 18 July 2008 5:00:17 pm

One question (might be a good candidate for the faq): is it a good idea to disable the ezdhtml extension if you have the ezoe one loaded?

Friday 18 July 2008 5:07:31 pm

I have deactivated the DHTML extension and everything seems to work fine

Friday 18 July 2008 5:14:20 pm

One question (might be a good candidate for the faq): is it a good idea to disable the ezdhtml extension if you have the ezoe one loaded?

As the matter of fact, I wasn't able to make it run as long as the old OE was enabled. But that was one of the first beta versions, so I'm not sure if that's still a case.


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