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Call for testers: new Online Editor

Call for testers: new Online Editor

Saturday 16 February 2008 7:55:45 pm - 303 replies

Hi all!

eZ Publish Online Editor 5.0 is now completed and included in eZ Publish 4.1.x and higher.



Issue tracker:
* tag with the version you use, for instance 5.0.1
* mention svn version if you use svn version
* Remember to specify browser/version/os/javascript error
* Screen shoots if it applies

* Updated 6th of May 2009 with new location of extension (project.ez..no/ezoe) and state of extension.

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Friday 03 October 2008 1:12:03 pm

<i>Have been looking for ways to make it more intuitive, no other editor (even stock tinyMCE) does it like this so your not the first to ignore it.</i>

This is a really good point. It is amazing how much of good UI relies on assumed knowledge and experiences of the user. In my paradigm, there has never been a feature in the bottom left, as a result in my world, there is none. This is common to a few folks I have talked to so I suggest we need to use colour coding to educate (ever so suitably) the users of the online editor that there is a great feature here. All they need to do it click.

<i>I guess the current (rightmost) tag should have a orange background and not the whole bar? </i>

You know, I thought about that as I played with the bottom bar, you have the ability to always change the paragraph so if we hold true to the concept it should be orange all the time. Now obviously that just plain doesn't work.
Making the last element orange will work, except when you come to tables where all "table » table row » table cell" could be deemed as important.

so what to do...

Once thing to try could be to make "paragraph" into a default action and then make everything that comes after it have an orange background. This would make it obvious that you can use the bottom bar immediately you click on an active item.

If we are on suggestions, I would also change "Path" to an action word rather than a passive word. So something like "Modify" or "Change".

Hope this helps.


Friday 03 October 2008 2:24:32 pm

What about extending the paradigm used elsewhere in the ez interface? Make it clear that those element names are a good method to edit the elements' properties.

Here is a quick mockup of what I am talking about...

Friday 03 October 2008 2:49:19 pm

Way to go Mark.. I love it!

Friday 03 October 2008 3:01:37 pm

Nice Mark, is it the edit icon directly from webin or did you need to resize it first.
Did some tests, here is a try at what Tony talked about (hovering on embed path part):


Modified on Friday 03 October 2008 3:02:33 pm by André R

Friday 03 October 2008 3:12:17 pm

I did have to make the icon slightly smaller to work here.

I also like your orange highlight of the currently selected object to help give some visibility when selecting nested items.

Friday 03 October 2008 4:08:40 pm

Hi Andre,

I like your highlight yellow, it has a certain elegance to it and I am guessing will be easy to add.

I am easy guys, both solve the problem.


Monday 06 October 2008 3:22:56 pm


Is there a timeline for OE 5.0 release.

Right now it is so much better than the old OE it seems like a "no brainer" for folks just to use it.


Monday 06 October 2008 7:14:56 pm

I have been testing the Online editor for it's cut 'n' paste capabilities in 5.0rc6

When you cut from an OpenOffice document on a Mac to the OErc6 it seems to strip out any formatting. The old OE use to do a pretty good job or the simple things like Bold Italic etc but this OE seems to ignore them.

Is this a setup issue or an issue others are having?

<b>My Test data</b>
I put in what should have created

<strong>Test document</strong>
This <emphasize>is</emphasize> my test <link href="http://www.visionwt.com">document</link>

What I got was

Test document

This is my test document

Tuesday 07 October 2008 10:33:32 am

Timeline: will be stable when 4.1 is, around november / december.

Cut and past is one of the reasons it's not stable yet, as well as translations(5 new being committed later today).

I couldn't reproduce your problem in OO 2.4.1 on windows though, when rc7 is out later this week you could try to enable the 'pasteword' button in ezoe.ini to see if that helps(a button to open a special past from word dialog).
If it doesn't help (being a ms word specific feature, that wouldn't surprise me), then I need to test on mac to see what's going on.

Tuesday 07 October 2008 11:08:34 am

Great News André.

We have entered probably over a thousand pages using rc6 so it is pretty stable for us.

Looking forward to rc7.

Thursday 09 October 2008 8:47:41 pm

Hi Andre,

I have an issue when editing images in OE 5.0rc6. The Class type is not saved with the image.

<b>to recreate</b>
1. Add an image
2. edit it
you will not the class is set to "itemised Sub items" and not "none"

Could you please ensure it remembers the correct setting. Also it is probably a good idea to make the default class set to none, currently it is "itemised Sub items" for me.

Can this squeeze into rc7?

Thursday 09 October 2008 9:21:14 pm

Hi Andre

In rc6 the Special Character link is not working. I am using the default Web install in eZ for testing so could be that.

Friday 10 October 2008 4:19:27 pm

I can not recreate your class issue, what browser are you using?

As for the 'Special Character' link, are you using .htaccess file to do url rewrites?

Friday 10 October 2008 4:31:00 pm

Sorry that was a rubbish description, I should have been clearer.

I get a popup box but then I get "Module not found."

Here is a quick vid to show it to you http://screencast.com/t/jXfwCCYrg5l

Modified on Friday 10 October 2008 4:33:12 pm by Tony Wood

Friday 10 October 2008 4:48:43 pm

Yes, I assumed you got a 'Module not found', because I guess your rewrite rules doesn't allow .htm files to be opened from your design folders. So you will have similar issues with the past from word button. (technically: a few buttons just use the dialog that comes with TinyMCE instead of creating a eZ specific one using modules and views).

So what kind of rewrite rules is in use on your site, and where did you get them from?

And as for the image classes: browser and version.

Friday 10 October 2008 5:07:44 pm

Thanks, I'll sort it. Glad it is not an issue happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 14 October 2008 1:28:51 pm

To help with the Online Editor adoption programme we have created an online training video for the new OE v5.0 rc6


I hope this helps people using and moving to the new online editor which is a *massive* time saver.


Tuesday 21 October 2008 6:56:12 pm


documentation says that the implemented plugins(described in ezoe.ini) are the only one tested.... I tried to implement the media plugin, and i see the button and everything when I am in edit view of object with xml block attribute(s). However, after the popup window is loaded, I see this http://img122.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot1vb6.png . In logs I receive this error:

File does not exist: /var/www/domains/gdn/extension/ezoe/design/standard/javascript/plugins/media/langs/-esl-ES_dlg.js 

and I'm unable to understand why it is looking for file with this strange name o.O... Shouldn't it be something like esl_dlg.js, or ...?? Translation files are ok as far as I can tell, and the other plugins are working fine, and text is translated from English to Spanish there.

Anyone can help?


Tuesday 21 October 2008 7:40:19 pm

> documentation says that the implemented plugins(described in ezoe.ini) are the only one tested

In other words, these are the only ones supported.

There are several issues here:
1. Oe does not translate the strings it doesn't use
2. TinyMCE doesn't ship with any translations
3. Oe should probably set settings.language to false to avoid the language loading

I'll look into fixing #3 for next version.
I'll also try to come up with a method to more easily extend the translations, but it is already possible if you look into how Oe currently load it's translations, and how you can define your own Packer callbacks (see end of ezoe.ini).

rc7 is out, nothing major, but pay attention to the change log on the download page for the 'breaking' (warned about them earlier) changes.

Wednesday 22 October 2008 9:24:26 am


As the new Online Editor is based on TinyMCE, would it be possible to use TinyMCE's plugins into OE 5.0? More specifically I am thinking about the spellchecker plugin, which is a prerequisite for the website I am working on.

I had no luck trying to make it work, and couldn't find info on OE 5.0 and TinyMCE's plugins on these forums. Has anyone succeeded?

UPDATE: Currently testing with rc7 instead of rc6

EDIT : seems to "work" with rc7, but only when DevelopmentMode=enabled
. Beware of your .htaccess which is likely to prevent the plugin from accessing the file extension/ezoe/design/standard/javascript/plugins/spellchecker/rpc.php. How to give access to this file? When development mode is disabled I get an error message from the editor : "Please specify: spellchecker_rpc_url" (Rewrite rules issue?)

Modified on Wednesday 22 October 2008 2:13:34 pm by Michaël D.


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