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Call for testers: new Online Editor

Call for testers: new Online Editor

Saturday 16 February 2008 7:55:45 pm - 303 replies

Hi all!

eZ Publish Online Editor 5.0 is now completed and included in eZ Publish 4.1.x and higher.



Issue tracker:
* tag with the version you use, for instance 5.0.1
* mention svn version if you use svn version
* Remember to specify browser/version/os/javascript error
* Screen shoots if it applies

* Updated 6th of May 2009 with new location of extension (project.ez..no/ezoe) and state of extension.

Modified on Tuesday 11 January 2011 10:00:47 am by Nicolas Pastorino

Thursday 23 October 2008 10:29:29 am

Well, I managed to fix the translations, so never mind, but there is a problem now when I try to publish the object with inserted media in any xml block attribute - I can see the media in the edit area, but after i hit "Publish" button, changes do not go to database... is that again related with the "not supported plugins" thing? I remember I had this problem with the ezdhtml when I integrated the flash for ezvideoflv/ngflashvideo( with custom tag ) to be visible and playable into the xml edit area even before publish, still in edit mode, but the problem there was from the parser script, and this here doesn't seem to be the case ....

I searched for some time through the javascript and php of the extension, but I couldn't find any clue as to what's the problem...

If anyone has an idea, please, it will be helpful. Thanks.

Modified on Thursday 23 October 2008 10:30:58 am by Denitsa M

Thursday 23 October 2008 11:02:09 am

Online Editor is a editor for ezxml attribute, so you are restricted by the ezxml* format..
I don't know enough about this extension to make any suggestions, but if I where to include it by default I would probably map embed tags to the media syntax and re use the upload view to integrate the extension to eZ Publish (store files properly as objects in eZ Publish).

* http://ez.no/doc/ez_publish/technical_manual/4_0/reference/xml_tags

Modified on Thursday 23 October 2008 11:04:59 am by André R

Tuesday 28 October 2008 4:27:58 pm

Michaël D.
You need to allow that file in your rewrite rule, but don't allow php files generally, use the name of the file plus parts of the path as well to make sure nothing else is exposed.

Modified on Tuesday 28 October 2008 4:35:48 pm by André R

Friday 31 October 2008 3:46:28 am

Hi guys - just had a moment to download and try TinyMCE for eZ - awesome!

I'm using FF3.0.3 on Win2K, with ez 4.0.1rc2 and OE5.0 trunk version (rev 3291) and have a question regarding image paths to 3rd party images.

In our old Plone install, which also used TinyMCE, you were able to directly manipulate the <img> element's "src" attribute (with <b>or</b> without the "advimage" plugin for TinyMCE) - allowing - if you needed-it, to change an image's src to point to an image located on another server entirely, via an absolute URL.

This is useful for us as we have many applications on many servers inside our LAN which generate maps, graphs and plots on-the-fly.

But using OE5.0 however, there is no way to directly manipulate an image's src attribute. I enabled the "code" button which allows me to directly edit the generated HTML of an "embedded" image, which works while editing in OE, but as soon as you "Save & Publish", the new src string has been replaced with the original one.

Even if I hand-edit the HTML source in OE5 and write a new <img> element which references a 3rd party image, again, I can see it in edit mode, but upon saving, the custom <img> HTML I wrote is wiped without a trace.

Is there an ezoe.ini setting specific to image URIs that needs to be tweaked?

Also, what is the equivalent in eZ's OE5.0 of TinyMCE's tiny_mce_init.js file which had a host of config options, seemingly unavailable/hidden in OE5.0?

Many thanks to the team for their hard work, the guys on my team appreciate the use of a familliar and clearly superior WYSIWYG editor! happy.gif Emoticon

Cheers happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Friday 31 October 2008 3:50:27 am by Russell Michell

Friday 31 October 2008 9:24:15 am

Hi Russ!

Even though the editor is new, the format behind the editor is still the same ('ezxml'), with it's strict focus on separating content and design. It has not been within the scope of this project to change the internal format so many of the new features in the new editor is accomplished in the layer between TinyMCE and eZ Publish (the tinymce theme, aka 'ez' and the xml input handler).

The images your editing is really <embed> content in eZ, and the src is only there to be able to preview the image object.

Now, to be able to add external images like you want, it will have to be supported by the xml handler, witch will have to map it to a specific custom tag for internal storage, like done for the underline tag.
Or you can use literal.html, but then there won't be any preview in the edtior or dialog to be able to set it's property, only pure code.


Sunday 02 November 2008 2:12:44 pm

Just an question regarding an issue that occurs in the old online editor regarding the use of Literal Tags to embed html so as to embed code from YouTube, Google maps etc. This does not seem to work using the Online editor and IE7. If the code you cut and paste from YouTube, Google etc contains a "http://..." which it invariably does, IE7 in the online editor highlights this as a link and when you publish it there are extra <A> </A> tags around all your file references and so doesn't work.

Does this occur in the new editor.

I would check this myself, but so far I have not been able to install it successfully. I'm sure I will overcome that issue though.

Tuesday 04 November 2008 3:49:45 am

Thanks for the response André,

So I've been working to get my 3rd party images (from external servers) inserted into ez OE5.0 and have created a simple custom tag to do this. I created 'external-image.tpl' in my extension's 'ezxml' template directory and edited ezoe's 'tag_custom.tpl' file.

Doing this successfully inserts 3rd party images into OE5.0 so you can render a preview within OE itself and can view the image "in-page" after saving. However, when selecting the "edit" icon <b>after</b> saving, the image is no longer viewable in OE as it was before, even though it's obviousely "still there" (you can still see it after previewing/saving). I've looked and looked but am not sure where the Template or JS code is that renders the "in-editor" display. It looks as if it might be 'ezxmltext_ezoe.tpl' but can't see what I need to edit to ensure this works.

Here is what I have so far:

* Code Purpose: "Hack" to render a view of a 3rd party image <b>directly inside OE5</b>.
* Template: extension/duty/design/ezwebin/templates/content/datatype/view/ezxmltags/tag_custom.tpl.
* Issues: This works when inserting the 3rd party image the first time, but not for subsequent views - e.g when re-editing an existing content-object, the <img /> element has been stripped out somehow.

tagGenerator: function( tag, customTag, text )
	if ( customTag === 'underline' )
		return '<u id="__mce_tmp" type="custom">' + (text ? text : customTag) + '<\/u>';

	/* Simply added another "else if" block below: */

	else if ( customTag === 'external-image' && ez.$( customTag + '_inline_source' ).el.checked )
		var popup_src = document.getElementById('external-image_src_source').value;
		var popup_alt = document.getElementById('external-image_alt_source').value;
		var popup_cls = document.getElementById('external-image_cls_source').value;
		return '<span id="__mce_tmp" type="custom"><img src="'+popup_src+'" alt="'+popup_alt+'" class="'+popup_cls+'" \/><\/span>';
	else if ( ez.$( customTag + '_inline_source' ).el.checked )
		return '<span id="__mce_tmp" type="custom">' + (text ? text : customTag) + '<\/span>';
		return '<div id="__mce_tmp" type="custom"><p>' + (text ? text : customTag) + '<\/p><\/div>';

* Code Purpose: To render a view of a 3rd party image <b>while previewing</b> and <b>after saving</b>.
* Template: extension/ezoe/design/standard/templates/ezoe/external-image.tpl
* Issues: None

{* Template to deal with 3rd Party Images *}
{* Template is associated with an eZ Global Variable declaration in settings/override/site.ini.append.php *}
{* The vars: $src, $alt and $cls come from the Custom Tags dialogue box in the eZ GUI *}
<img src="{$src}" {if and(is_set($alt),gt($alt|count_chars(),0))} alt="{$alt|wash}" {/if} {if and(is_set($cls),gt($cls|count_chars(),2))} class="{$cls|wash}" {/if} />

As usual - any pointers would be most welcome happy.gif Emoticon
Thanks a lot,

Modified on Tuesday 04 November 2008 3:52:02 am by Russell Michell

Monday 10 November 2008 11:37:55 am

ezxmltext/handlers/input/ezoexmlinput.php line ~1116 - 1140

Richard :
Don't think so, but please do check and report.
For install issues read the INSTALL and FAQ file, most issues should be covered there now.

Tuesday 11 November 2008 1:48:16 am

Thank you André! I will check this out.

Meantime, in addition, I notice that the 3rd Party addon "YouTube" uses almost exactly the same approach that I posted above, except it's all nice and wrapped-up as an addon.

A problem exists though with the custom-tag template itself. Keeping it in extensions/youtube/design/standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezxmltags - renders the 3rd party object invisible when previewing the page.

Moving this template to the overall extension's equivalent directory, fixes this.


(Where "duty" is the name of all my template, javascript and CSS modifications, wrapped-up as an extension overriding 'ezwebin')

Just thought I'd post some findings happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 11 November 2008 1:39:05 pm

Meantime, in addition, I notice that the 3rd Party addon "YouTube" uses almost exactly the same approach that I posted above, except it's all nice and wrapped-up as an addon.

As in this one?

That one doesn't preview the movie in the editor, so if you don't need to preview the custom tag in the editor, then you don't need to hack the editor..

As for the template issue you had, this seems strange as it should work either way, when in the standard design (given that the youtube extension is activated) it should work everywhere (given that the default fallback design is 'standard' as it is in all default installs).

Wednesday 12 November 2008 10:56:05 pm

Hi again André,

That one doesn't preview the movie in the editor, so if you don't need to preview the custom tag in the editor, then you don't need to hack the editor..

True, but I modded the plugin's template to embed an <img /> element, not an <embed> and/or an <object> element as I'm referencing 3rd party images not .swf or other movies. So the hack needs to stand and it works well.

The only remaining issue is that when a user wishes to delete or swap an existing 3rd party image with another - by selecting it with the mouse, he has to be able to select the custom-tag content (In this case my <img /> element) <b>and</b> the "hidden" <span> element, in order to remove any reference/trace of the old image which you can't do easily within the editor.

In older versions of TinyMCE you would simply click an element in the path-bar, thus selecting it and all its child HTML elements, and hit delete. With the TinyMCE version in-use with eZ, you get a popup window, which <b>a:</b> needs to be set to be a proper JS popup and not a positioned <div> in ezoe.ini and <b>b:</b>Needs to be closed anyway before the <span> and custom-tag are both selected and delete can be hit.

Does this make sense?

<b>Default ezoe behaviour (with my 3rd-party image mods):</b>

* User inserts 3rd party image:
- ezoe dumps visible <img /> custom-tag
- ezoe dumps invisible <span> element
* User clicks on visible image
* User hits 'delete' key
- ezoe removes visible <img /> custom-tag but leaves invisible <span> element (obviously) thus causing problems


* User inserts 3rd party image:
- ezoe dumps visible <img /> custom-tag
- ezoe dumps invisible <span> element
* User clicks on 'custom.insert-image' (for example) in ezoe's path-bar
- ezoe pops-up a postioned <div> dialogue (older TinyMCE's didn't do this when selecting stuff in the pathbar)
* User closes dialogue
* User hits 'delete' key
- Nothing happens. User is only able to physically select the image.

<b>better ezoe behaviour (with my 3rd-party image mods and #Plugins[]=inlinepopups set in ezoe.ini):</b>

* User inserts 3rd party image:
- ezoe dumps visible <img /> custom-tag
- ezoe dumps invisible <span> element
* User clicks on 'custom.insert-image' (for example) in ezoe's path-bar
- ezoe pops-up a JS popup-window dialogue (older TinyMCE's didn't do this)
* User closes dialogue
* User hits 'delete' key
- ezoe removes visible <img /> custom-tag
- ezoe removes invisible <span> element

Is there a setting I've missed to disable pop-ups when slecting stuff in the pathbar?

I appreciate "hacks" are prob not deserving of help to the same extent as legitiamte bugs/suggestions might be so any help is always appreciated.

Thanks heaps as usual André happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Wednesday 12 November 2008 10:57:58 pm by Russell Michell

Friday 05 December 2008 8:12:56 pm

rc8 version is out, unless some nasty bugs show up this will be the last rc.
So please test so we can get stable version out in time for Christmas! blunk.gif Emoticon

* Added support for node relations
* Switched from using site.ini [MediaClassSettings]ImageClassIdentifiers[] to
the setting already used by eZ Publish: content.ini [RelationGroupSettings]ImagesClassList[]
Note: You need to change your settings as a result from this
* Added file button, and use 1 tempalte pr content type in upload and realated dialog.
Note: New i18n strings in upload_* and tag_embed_* templates!
* updated to TinyMCE 3.2.1
* Misc i18n bugs fixed in pol-PL and nor-NO
* Added tablemenu, a splitbutton that puts all table commands into a sub menu to save menu space.
* Added support for TinyMCE spellchecker plugin (thx to Carlos Revillo)
* Fixed #13954: Applying a custom tag to a text can change this text
* Added custom tag view template for underline
* Implemented new custom attribute types: htmlsize, csssize, cssborder and csssize4
* Implemented possibility to limit some embed settings pr content type
* Fixed #13990: Text editor - Formatting bullets removes text
* Fixed #13755: Anchor not displaying anchor name in IE7/8 (WinXP) - 5.0.0rc7
* Implemented #13981: ini setting to disable popups from pathbar selections
* Partly Implemented #13751: Optimize image for size
* Implemented #13196 (The fourth alignment: without alignment)
* Added i18n strings for searchreplace plugin so it can be used out of the box
* Implemented #14060: Addition of <sub> and <sup> buttons

Modified on Friday 05 December 2008 8:16:50 pm by André R

Friday 05 December 2008 9:03:49 pm

Way to go André, cannot wait to test it.

Monday 08 December 2008 11:07:18 am

Testers are always welcome happy.gif Emoticon

Had to add another feature this weekend, now you can control the presentation of normal attributes just like you can with custom attributes. Visually this allowed to use the htmlsize type for border and width on tables and table cells, in other words a input for a number and a drop down next to it for selecting px or % size.

So you can now do a lot with attributes without overriding templates in ezoe, witch means there are less work for you when you update it. For instance (ezoe_customattributes.ini):

# Override the name for the class attributes on all tags to make it less technical


* Implemented possibility to have same control over general attributes in gui as 
  you have over custom attributes.
* Fixed regression #14080: Custom tags broken in rev 3390?

Monday 08 December 2008 11:43:29 pm

Sorry André, does that mean that custom css classes can be applied to any kind of standard tag while editing? Maybe even using the "styles" dropdown from Tiny?

Tuesday 09 December 2008 7:39:35 am

If so, this would be a real good news happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 10 December 2008 12:10:25 am

Unfortunately, I think I misunderstood "attribute" for "tag".
Excellent news, but not as spectacular...

Wednesday 10 December 2008 3:33:44 am

I'm unsure wether this is a bug with ezoe, something to do with my ez 4.01-rc2 install or something else - I didn't want to immediately submit as a bug/enhance,ent as I've already added 4 today! blunk.gif Emoticon

here's what I do and what happens, an someone else possibly confirm this for me?

* Create a new Article
* Upload an image to associate with the article
* Select "Save & Publish"
* Re-edit the document and trp some text into the ezoe editor
* Select a string of text and select the 'insert/edit link' button on the editor's toolbar
* In the link-insert popup dialogue that appears, select the 'browse' icon
* Navigate to 'top level nodes' - this is where the image first associated with this new article seems to have been uploaded to - <b>is this right??</b>
* Regardless, select this image's radio-button and press 'OK'
* Previewing/Saving this new article and selecting the link goes to /my-siteaccess/my-first-uploaded-file.jpg and results in a server 404 - <b>is this right??</b>

Also - browsing to a pre-uploaded image in an ez-virtual subdirectory of Media/Images/blah/my-image.jpg (for example) and repeating the process above, clicking the link ends up with a Kernel error 'Module not found' for this Image's URL. <b>is this just my setup??</b>

I'm using trunk version ezoe-rev-3394 with ezpublish-4.01rc2 with FF3.04 on Linux and on Windows 2K.

Thanks a lot for reading everyone,

Wednesday 10 December 2008 4:32:34 pm

Hi !

I'm trying this nice editor because I would like to install it on a new 4.0.1 site.

I encouter a problem with the images positionment : when I edit my xmlblock with the new online editor, all is OK, I get the looked for alignement.

But when viewing the node, images are never positioned like in editing mode.

Here are the screenshots :

Editing :

Viewing :

Is there something to do ?

Thanks in advance !

Wednesday 10 December 2008 4:43:35 pm

Hi Sébastien

In your frontend, be sure to have the correct CSS rules to display your images correctly. The system uses a template to generate the html tags and it embeds the <img> tag in a <div> with a class corresponding to the position you chose in the admin.
So be sure to match this (or those) classes in your own stylesheet blunk.gif Emoticon


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