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Call for testers: new Online Editor

Call for testers: new Online Editor

Saturday 16 February 2008 7:55:45 pm - 303 replies

Hi all!

eZ Publish Online Editor 5.0 is now completed and included in eZ Publish 4.1.x and higher.



Issue tracker:
* tag with the version you use, for instance 5.0.1
* mention svn version if you use svn version
* Remember to specify browser/version/os/javascript error
* Screen shoots if it applies

* Updated 6th of May 2009 with new location of extension ( and state of extension.

Modified on Tuesday 11 January 2011 10:00:47 am by Nicolas Pastorino

Tuesday 03 February 2009 12:42:48 pm

is not the same.. Fist is ez object url and the secund is file url using content download.

#2 This is not a oe issue, this is template (ezwebin|ezflow|ezpublish) / .htaccess (ezpublish) issue, so please use another forum topic + issue tracker.

Modified on Tuesday 03 February 2009 12:43:28 pm by André R

Friday 24 April 2009 10:47:50 am


very nice extension, but I get problems to implement something pretty easy I think.
Can someone help me about ?..

I need to allow editors to write ALT and TITLE attributes for IMG tags...
Not sure if the right way is to use custom attributes for the embed tag, but it looks like it could be a solution...

In this case my problem is to get these alt and title attributes in the editor immediatly...
Like by default ezoe use the size for the ALT tag and the file name for the title attribute...
For the frontend I get it (finally happy.gif Emoticon )


Modified on Friday 24 April 2009 12:02:49 pm by Laurent Dorier

Friday 24 April 2009 4:37:44 pm

Yes, you will need to use custom attributes, and they will not be used for image tag inside the editor (as you said already used by site and object name).

In templates you simply use {$alt} if you called the custom attribute alt.
If you want to force editors to fill this out then see in ezaoe_attributes for how to do that.

Wednesday 29 April 2009 5:28:01 am

Hey there,

You can't seem to add a custom-tag to any non-paragraph text. The custom tag button inside ezoe becomes greyed-out/disabled as soon as you select any non-paragraph text - like a heading-2 for example.

Is this by design or is it a bug? Or is there an ini setting I've overlooked?

Commenting lines 1026:1027 of ezoe/design/standard/javascript/themes/ez/editor_template.js "re-enable" this functionality and I can now add super/sub-script custom-tags to headings.

However, there is obviously a reason why these are disabled by default in ezoe but I can't think why - sub and sup at least are allowed under XHTML Transitional and Strict.


Thanks a lot

Modified on Thursday 30 April 2009 1:25:49 am by Russell Michell

Tuesday 05 May 2009 5:11:19 pm

5.0.1 is now out:

For those of you who have used OE 5.0.0 (including beta / rc versions) in production, make sure you pay attention to this part from changelog:

* Fixed bug #14670: Embed relations are not removed when embed tag is
IMPORTANT: Apply update/database/5.0/dbupdate-5.0.0-to-5.0.1.sql to fix
inconsistency in database (if you have used ezoe prior to version 5.0.1)

This change was introduced in:
I don't remember the details, but think it has to do with what kind of content you are allowed to have in header tags in ezxmltext. Block tags are not allowed, but inline are.

So create an enhancement request to re allow adding inline custom / embed tags in header tags and I'll try to look into it soon.

Wednesday 06 May 2009 8:14:21 pm

Having worked with the editor (training mostly) for a few weeks now I must say you've really hit the spot with this one. Excellent work. Keep it up!

Thursday 07 May 2009 1:42:16 am

@André, thanks for your reply - here you go:

(I know you get auto-mailed anyway from the issue-tracker, but in case others would like to see the bug quickly!)


Friday 22 May 2009 9:59:18 pm

André - is there a way to pre-select a image upload location (or change the location of automatic) to a subfolder in the media library based on a user's group or permissions, or the subtree that they are editing in?

Basically we have a site with nearly 100 divisions, and each division has their own media library subfolder. The list of choices is really, really long. If we could auto select for them based on some attribute, setting, or even a hack, that would save them a lot of trouble.

Let me know if anything like this exists...

Saturday 23 May 2009 12:02:38 am

@Russ: Actually I don't unless I assign it to myself or comment on it, maybe a setting for it though, haven't checked happy.gif Emoticon

@Mark: Unsure if you have looked in settings/content.ini, but look at the ClassSpecificAssignment[] setting there and carefully read its comment text witch reveals a couple of tricks to control automatic placement.

But that might not work for you, needed to do something similar for a site a few years ago, and ended up overriding the oe template for the drop down selection of placements.
In oe5 that is unfortunately upload_images.tpl, upload_objects.tpl and upload_files.tpl if you have enabled the files button.

One clear enhancement request would be to include one template for this part so you only need to override one template. If you have any other ideas for features that would make multiple sites / organizations sites easier to setup and works with, shout out blunk.gif Emoticon

Modified on Saturday 23 May 2009 12:03:31 am by André R

Saturday 23 May 2009 12:05:54 am

@Jani: Thanks, the focus was to simplify editor work flow and make it more extend-able, so if you see some room for improvement somewhere, don't be afraid to bring it upblunk.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 02 June 2009 3:48:47 pm


I've got a problem: the right-click menu (which I assume should be in editor) isn't working for me, just a regular right-click menu is displayed. Can you give me any advice what's wrong?

Thanks in advance happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 02 June 2009 4:41:53 pm

There is nothing wrong, there is no right click menu in ezoe 5.0 to be able to use built in spell checker in browsers. TinyMCE does support right click menus though, so it would be possible to re add it in the future if there is a demand for it.

Modified on Monday 27 July 2009 5:33:00 pm by André R

Monday 27 July 2009 1:15:57 pm

Hi André

Is there an update as to when the Online editor will get a spell checker?


Monday 27 July 2009 5:36:57 pm

It has, just enable the "spellchecker" plugin and button in ezoe.ini blunk.gif Emoticon
It uses google api, but that can be configured from ezoe.ini with settings that maps directly to the ones in the TinyMCE plugin witch are explained here:

Modified on Monday 27 July 2009 5:37:26 pm by André R

Monday 27 July 2009 5:45:44 pm

Thanks André

I must have been blind..



Friday 25 September 2009 9:22:00 am

Hi André,

How is removing the formatting when pasting from Word handled in the new OE? I have received an RFP where automatic removing of "old formatting" (like Word formatting) when copying and pasting is a requirement.

Thanks in advance!

Friday 25 September 2009 10:03:56 am

Should work out of the box in version 5.0.3 and slightly better in 5.0.4 ( and TinyMCE updated from 3.2.5 to 3.2.7 ) which will be out next week together with eZ Publish 4.2.

Modified on Friday 25 September 2009 10:06:45 am by André R

Sunday 11 October 2009 11:54:37 am


A while ago I reported a problem with inserting URLs in literal text, (specifically when using literal text to embed Youtube, google maps etc). The problem was, when using Internet Explorer, if the embedded code contained a URL, every time IE detects "http://www...." it thinks it is a link and inserts <a> tags around it. the result is the embedded code is corrupted so no video or map or whatever.
I reported this in respect to the previous Online editor as I had not yet tried OE 5.0. Having now installed OE 5.0 I can confirm that the same problem arises in IE7 and IE8.
The issue is related to the online editor, because if you disable the editor, enter the embed code between the <literal> tags, it is OK.
Should I raise this as an issue?

Thursday 15 October 2009 1:24:04 pm

Actually, I don't think there is anything I can do about that.
It's IE doing this, so if you want to create an issue for it, then you need to do it in the Microsoft tracker (Closed at the moment but here: ).
If you do find anything about working around this, please share, but couldn't find anything myself.

So, use custom tags instead with custom attributes for the links and parameters.

Modified on Thursday 15 October 2009 1:24:37 pm by André R

Wednesday 28 October 2009 1:26:15 pm


I have a problem when inserting a new tag (custom, image, object, etc.) in new OE, at the moment I hit OK button in popup, the older (embed especially) tags' content views corrupt and I see the html representation code also wrong. For example, I have standalone youtube tag created, working on the principle of the custom tags, like <youtube ....></youtube>. When I insert say, custom tag brart for example, the content view for youtube tag (or all youtube tags if there are few) before current insertion goes blank, and I no longer see the youtube object in attribute content, I see only empty space, although if i check code, the youtube tag is still there and it is correct (I mean the actual tag). So the screw up is only on the views of my xml tags, and when i publish object or when i deactivate and reactivate editor, all is again normal (old + new tags). Other tags goes simply with different representation code, for example from <div id="eZObject_......"> they go to <div><div class="object-center"><div.... with missing class and type params in html markup. I am testing at eZP 4.0 with the latest version of OE from the new pero location. I tried this in ff and opera in linux, ff, opera and safari in win, it's all the same result. All needed extensions related either to OE or to my own implemented functionalities in OE are activated and working fine (ezjscore, ezcore, ezvideoflv, etc, etc), and OE is actually working perfectly fine, except with this mess up in xml tags views during new tag generation - I can upload, browse, add, remove, anything you think of.

Can anyone give me a hint as to what can possibly be causing such problem? Related to the jQuery usage? Or the ajax usage change? All the functionalities are working as they are supposed to, and they all worked at the previous OE, before the "big change".

Any help or tip is appreciated, thanks!



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