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CJW Newsletter from projects.ez.no and from market ?

CJW Newsletter from projects.ez.no and from market ?

Thursday 26 January 2012 3:32:06 pm - 1 reply

Hi there,

I would like to know if there is a difference between the version from http://projects.ez.no/cjw_newsletter and http://ez.no/Products/eZ-Market/Explore-the-eZ-Market/CJW-Newsletter.

For me it sounds like the project version is no more maintened and you have to pay to access the last version.

Am I wrong ?

Friday 09 March 2012 3:38:03 pm


at the moment the market version and the projects.ez.no version is the same.

We are not planning to make a difference of the gpl and market version at source code level.

We are working on version 2 but on our internal repository.

It it is ready, we will push it public.

If you have any features you want to have inlcuded you can contact us and speed up the implemention by funding this feature.




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