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CJW Newsletter - how it works?

CJW Newsletter - how it works?

Monday 25 April 2011 9:24:55 am - 8 replies


I need to create a newsletter subscription and I have the CJW newsletter extenssion installed.

I searched for the ducumentation but without success. The only ducumentation i have is the install.txt file that comes with the extenssion but there are some points that I don't understand.

Can anyone please give me a hand.

Thanks in advance.

Friday 27 May 2011 10:14:28 am

Hello Fatima,

Can you explain more precisly that you don't understand ? Maybe I can help you.


Saturday 28 May 2011 9:22:27 pm

Hi Romain and thanks for your answer.

I've been trying to put the newsletter to work. It's already installed and the users can subscribe to it.

But I don't know how to send the newsletters.

Monday 30 May 2011 2:35:43 pm

Hello Fatima.

In the newsletter tab you should create a cjw_newsletter_edition. Inside you can create cjw_newsletter_article. After that your newsletter become a "draft". 

After click on your draft newsletter. You have two buttons one for send a test and another for send the newsletter. 

Verify the settings in cjw_newsletter.ini : 

# smtp, sendmail, file
# newsletterTransportMethodCronjob=file
# test newsletter
# subscribe, infomailTransportMethodDirectly=file
# where to store mails send by TransportMethod = fileFile
# HeaderLineEnding#    auto - try to find correct settings#           default is LF#    CRLF - windows - \r\n#    CR   - mac - \r#    LF   - UNIX-MACOSX - \nHeaderLineEnding=auto
# Configuration for SMTP
TransportPassword=# Connection type in SMTP: <empty>(no encryption)|ssl|sslv2|sslv3|tls

You have tree methods for sending mail. mail/smtp/file

In a first time check if your newsletter test works. After you can send the real newsletter. 

You sould execute two scripts for sending the newsletter :

-   php runcronjobs.php -s siteaccess cjw_newsletter_mailqueue_create

- php runcronjobs.php -s siteaccess cjw_newsletter_mailqueue_process



Thursday 02 June 2011 9:59:19 am

Hi Romain.

Only now i realized that my newsletter were send out, but a specific folder var/log/mail, because my transport method was file.

Now I have the  correct settings, but I can't send a test newsletter and even create a new newsletter edition in my newsletter list, because the button "create newsletter here" is disabled.

Is there any other setting I have to configure?


Tuesday 07 June 2011 10:17:32 am

Hi Fatima

Maybe you have the good right for create a newsletter. Are you connected with the admin account ?

In the order : 

Newsletter Root -> Newsletter System -> Newsletter List -> Newsletter edition -> (Newsletter Article)



Thursday 09 June 2011 11:55:24 am

Hi Romain,

My user didn't have the proper rights to create or to send the newsletter.

I tried now to check if your newsletter test works. I've inserted my e-mail as test, and the result was:

Test newsletter sent result: Newsletter Edition 1

And a table with the following details:



Email Sender
Email Receiver

Content Type

1. [Newsletter] Newsletter Edition 1 sender_mail @
receiver_mail @

But I didn't receive any e-mail.

I tried runing the cronjob:

/usr/bin/php -C runcronjobs.php cjw_newsletter

and cleared the cache. But nothing.


Is there anything I'm missing?

Friday 10 June 2011 2:27:55 pm

Hi Fatima

Several things :

- You use the smtp method are you sure your smtp works ?

- Try to use the send mail method in cjw_newsletter.ini 

# test newsletter


- The test and the real newsletter are independent.

- check in the log var/plain_site/cjw_newsletter if you can see anything


Monday 13 June 2011 9:49:10 am


Finally, the newsletter is working. The log file had some errors.

Thank's a lot for your great help.



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