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CJW Newsletter not sending in under ezp5 legacy

CJW Newsletter not sending in under ezp5 legacy

Thursday 02 July 2015 5:24:04 pm

Firstly this is a crosspost from sorry, I posted here also since it can be very quiet over there and this is urgent.

I've installed CJW Newsletter on behalf of a client who needs to use it during a launch within a week. Everything has been running very well right up until I did the first newsletter test run. Preview emails get sent out fine but not newsletters themselves, it appears to be that the ezpublish_legacy/extension/cjw_newsletter/cronjobs/cjw_newsletter_mailqueue_process.php cronjob is not found.  We tried running it via
 php runcronjobs.php  cjw_newsletter_mailqueue_process
 php ezpublish/console ezpublish:legacy:script runcronjobs.php cjw_newsletter_mailqueue_process
 with no results.

It seems to use the incorrect cronjob.ini and also the default site.ini from settings/site.ini which does not have the right database credentials.

Is anyone running this under the ezpubish 5 legacy stack with success, if so please let me know how you did it.


Testing further I see this problem is only occurring on one install I have, the others also under symfony legacy stack work fine.  Still seeking help though please.

Thank you

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