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cjw_newsletter -> Bounce Mail Account

cjw_newsletter -> Bounce Mail Account

Monday 16 July 2012 3:41:15 am - 4 replies

Hi so far this extension looks to be everything I need for an upcoming development but I'm a little unsure how the bounce mail account is supposed to work?

I have created a subscription list and added 1 subscription with a bogus address to test the bounce email collection but so far no emails are arriving in the specified account, the process cronjob tells me that sending to that subscriber failed and all other emails get to their recipients but the bounce mailbox never receives anything...

I've been looking throught the code to try to find out where emails should be sent to this account but I can't find anything, where can I find this?

What could be causing this?

Hope someone can help...


Tuesday 17 July 2012 9:06:15 am

Hi Nathan,

are you sending with sendmail or smtp?

If the cronjob already says the mail could not be send, then it is not send!!

May be your smtp already checks if the email exists.

Cheers Felix

Tuesday 17 July 2012 12:14:06 pm

Hi Felix,

I'm using SMTP, and as you say the cronjob shows failed when I run it from the command line so yes the SMTP must have checked for the address as it tries to send... I will try with sendmail and see what happens.

It's just a little confusing because I don't really know how the emails would be sent to this address.

P.S. has anything ever happened with this extension becoming official?


Wednesday 18 July 2012 1:43:15 am

No good I still can't get bogus emails to bounce, sendmail just sends them and thats it, nothing ever arrives in the bounce mail account.

I changed the SMTP server and I got return mail but nothing went to the bounce account.

What am I doing wrong? (keeping in mind I know the account works etc..)


Wednesday 18 July 2012 2:10:50 am

Never mind... I just realised it was simply a case of a mistyped address in the newsletter list sender field... what a pain.

All working now.



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