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CjwNewsletter List issue : 2 form fields are missing (not in postvariables)

CjwNewsletter List issue : 2 form fields are missing (not in postvariables)

Thursday 29 October 2015 5:52:15 pm - 5 replies

First, it is important to know that
- I use Ez Publish 4.3 with CJW Newsletter (1.0).
- I have 2 databases (PostgreSQL) and my error only occurs on one database I got recently.
Here is my problem :
When I try to create a new "CJW Newsletter List" object in the administration
    I get everytime the following message "You have to choose an output format" and "You have to set a valid sender email".
Even though I fill these 2 mandatory fields each time before I push the publish button.
After editing the file : extension/cjw_newsletter/datatypes/cjwnewsletterlist/cjwnewsletterlist.php  with log messages
it appears that the output format field and the email field are not retrieved.
I mean eZDebug::writeNotice($http->hasPostVariable($prefix . 'OutputFormatArray' . $postfix )) returns false
and eZDebug::writeNotice($http->hasPostVariable($prefix . 'EmailReceiverTest' . $postfix )) returns false contrary to the other fields.
If I change the database in the file settings/site.ini by the older one.
I have no problem. I manage to create or update "CJW Newsletter List" object.
Others information :
    - I also tryed with a newer version of CJW Newsletter (2.0).
    - I got the same results after removing and adding the extension Cjw newsletter (CJW Newsletter datatables, CJW classes in Ez).
    - If I create another eZ Class in the administration with one "Newsletter List" attribute : the same behaviour happens.

I am quiet sure there is a problem on my database but I don't know where (on which datable ?). All I know is if I clear the CjW Newsletter datatables the same issue occurs..

If you know how to solve this or if you have ever got the same kind of error, thanks in advance for your reply.

Modified on Tuesday 03 November 2015 4:45:29 pm by Clement Nicolas

Tuesday 03 November 2015 3:33:28 pm

The Newsletter should work on 4.3 but we have no installaton on postgres. Maybe it is an database related issue.

Your Debug says not Postvariable OutputFormatArray - if this is true the mistake must be in the database template where the OutputFormatArray  variable should be filled.

What i can say - this error we did not have in past in any our newlsetter installation.

Tuesday 03 November 2015 4:51:30 pm

Thanks for your reply.

Surprisingly someone else using the same version (4.3) got the same issue :

Wednesday 02 March 2016 1:20:26 pm

We've got the same issue with eZ 5.3 on Debian server with php 5.3.3 and suhosin module. We suspect that module, as $_POST array does not have OutputFormatArray variables, even that in Firebug request we see, that var has been sent.

Problem is for us only on preprod env. On localhost with more recent php version everything work fine.

So can anybody share final solution ? If not, we will dig suhosin config, but at first look seems to be fine.


Wednesday 02 March 2016 2:59:49 pm

It could be the suhosin configuration - a user has report a problem with cjw_newsletter here

Wednesday 02 March 2016 3:44:38 pm

OK, thanks. I think I've found it:

Default suhosin setting:    64

In our case of db with a lot object attributes, input name has 65 chars:



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