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Collaborative modules

Collaborative modules

Wednesday 29 August 2012 1:03:36 pm - 1 reply

My client is a union representing chemical industries. They need an internet and extranet website. I would like to know if there are some modules which could fit these requirements :
To its internet website:
Engine news:
    Publication press releases, event and training on the website
    Registration form and management of the registered
    Export the list of the registered
    Program the publishing date
    Push News on third party sites
    Categorization of news by theme
    Subscribe to mailing lists with selectable frequency and thematic (aweber)
    Calendar listing the events and training (but not the press releases)
=> Module (s):
Publication of documents:
    Presentation page of the document with download link
    Documents Listing page
=> Module (s):
Survey engine (LimeSurvey)
    Creating complex surveys (multiple choice, choice image, chaining questions / answers ...)
    Distribute the survey link bu mail
    Management of mailing (thanking, reminder)
    Management of the publication of the results online
    Import / export contacts (Excel + Outlook)
    Export Excel / CSV survey results
    Features analysis results (crosstabs, charts ...)
=> Module (s):
Industries directory:
    Industries listing page
    Contact information block for each industry
=> Module (s):
For its Extranet:
Working Group / Collaborative:
    Manage participants/members
    Hierarchical  Acces Rights
    Documents sharing + Versioning
    Categorization of documents
    Publication of documents online
    PDF auto-formatting
    Documents Read/Write authorization
    Search engine for each working group
=> Module (s): Teamroom ...
Picture library:
    Creating album / sub-album
    Search engine
=> Module (s):
Directory/yearbok of employees
=> Module (s):
For its website and Extranet
Search engine:
    Search on site and in the documents of the working groups
    Search results taking into account access rights (only members of a workgroup have access to documents in the group)
=> Module (s):


Thank you for your help.


Wednesday 29 August 2012 1:28:43 pm

Lots of stuff here - first off, none of this is going to be available (at least not on anything but a cursory level) "out-of-the-box."

For a newsletter, http://projects.ez.no/cjw_newsletter   but it's not going to be able to do everything on your list (of course everything on the list can be delivered I'm sure - for the right price.)

For the survey part, http://projects.ez.no/exam has chaining questions and answers but not everything on the list (but can be delivered for the right price.) - there is also http://projects.ez.no/ezsurvey_ezp4 

For the publication/picture library - you would have set up some sort of gallery which isn't that hard to do. Also for you industry list.

Search - ezfind.

Hierarchical  Acces Rights, etc. is built in.


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