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Creating languages with ezxmlinstaller

Creating languages with ezxmlinstaller

Wednesday 18 January 2012 4:22:48 pm


We made a new handler, ezcreatelanguage.php, for creating new languages. It was working fine, until we deleted the cache directories:

rm -Rf var/cache var/.../cache

Then, the new languages disappeared, from the backend, therefore in the ezcontent_language table.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <language locale="My first language" />
            <language locale="My second language" />


$languages = $xml->getElementsByTagName('language');
foreach ( $languages as $language ) {
    $locale = $language->getAttribute('locale');
    $lang = eZContentLanguage::fetchByLocale($locale, TRUE);

I don't know the reason, in lib/ezlocale/classes/ezlocale.php, we fetch the languages from the cache, I guess there is one.

Can someone help me please, thanks!


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