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Wednesday 13 October 2010 12:04:30 am - 6 replies

I want to set up an online dictionary system that would contain some features and, as I am new to eZ Publish, I want first to ask for the opinion of the more experienced of how it would be easiest to implement.

So... the dictionary itself will be made out of words. Each word would be made out of title, an explanation and a list of variants separated by comma (","blunk.gif Emoticon and will have it's own page.

The dictionary would consist of a list of pages, one for every letter, and on each of these pages there will be the words that start with that letter and a excerpt of the description. Of course, each word will link to it's specific page. There also will be a search form needed that will first look for the words, then for the variants and then the description.

This part would sound a little bit like a blog, each word to be like a blog post, each day of the callendar a letter (sorted, of course, by title alphabetically). Would there be a better way to implement this?

On the other hand, at some articles body, I want to link the words that are also found in the dictionary to the word in the dictionary (so basically replace all the occurrences of 'IRC' with '<a href="">IRC</a>', where IRC was defined in the dictionary, for example).

Is there any filter or hook that would allow me to do that? What would be the best practice?

Saturday 06 November 2010 7:27:11 pm

Is there any up to date tutorial on how to write extensions for ez publish?

Saturday 06 November 2010 7:36:20 pm

Answering to the original question: all of this sounds prettu standard - no need to create extensions for it to work.

If putting links by hand in the text of blog articles that point to words in the dictionary is an option, just use the 'link' button when editing the rich text.

Saturday 06 November 2010 9:01:39 pm

There is an improved version based on original work from me and collegues a while ago: ca_glossary, which does the autolinking.



Saturday 06 November 2010 11:02:43 pm

Thank you very much for your replies!

Gaetano, the problem is that there will be a lot of terms that will have to be linked and I do not believe that the publishers will link everything. I need something coherent, I don't want a term to be linked in one place and in another not.

Paul, great work! This seems to be exactly what I wanted to build! The only issue that may be would be the compatibility with 4.4, but I'll give it a try and see what happens big-smile.gif Emoticon

Sunday 07 November 2010 1:30:35 pm

I tried the extension and there seems to be a problem. I posted it in the extension forum.

On the other hand I am amazed how simple it is to build extensions! I am pretty happy that I choosed ezPublish big-smile.gif Emoticon

Also, I am still looking for up to date tutorials/documentation on creating extensions. As I am very new to this, I would like to start with a beginning.

Later edit: I guess this can be marked as solved, thanks for all your help!

Modified on Sunday 07 November 2010 3:39:29 pm by Sao Tavi

Sunday 07 November 2010 4:27:00 pm

Later edit: I guess this can be marked as solved, thanks for all your help!

Hi Sao!

You can mark this one as solved yourself, as the author of the thread : simply click the small ticker, right at the left of the topic title, at the top of the page.

Glad to see you got helpful assistance,


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