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Dropdown menu extension. Need recommendations

Dropdown menu extension. Need recommendations

Tuesday 04 September 2012 2:28:46 am - 1 reply

Good night.

Anyone known what is the dropdown menu extension used in ez.no?


Tuesday 04 September 2012 11:47:06 am

Hi Hugo,

This depends on the design you're after:  

  1. Are you after a top or side menu?  
  2. How many levels deep should your menu go?  
  3. Will your menu have groupings?
  4. Will have your menu have extra content?

Most of the time, menus are just a bunch of nested lists - how you style them is up to you - and there are plenty of ways to style them.

http://projects.ez.no/css_dropdown_top_menu may be useful, and I'd suggest reading http://share.ez.no/forums/setup-design/current-dropdown-menu-top-menu-for-ezflow in regards to fixing the IE9 bug.

Hope that helps,


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