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Duplicate php classes in extensions

Duplicate php classes in extensions

Thursday 25 June 2009 3:32:48 pm - 2 replies


I have the following problem in a project. In two of the used extensions (ezcore and ezmultiupload) there is a definition of the same php class (eZAjaxContent). After I run autoloads script, I get the following warning:

Class eZAjaxContent in file extension/ezmultiupload/classes/ezajaxcontent.php is already defined in:
extension/ezcore/classes/ezajaxcontent.php (var/autoload/ezp_extension.php)
This class was not added to the autoload array.

The two php files, however, are the same (just some slight differences in comments), so this is not a problem for the extensions, at least for now, but I would really want to know what is best to be done in such cases.


Thursday 25 June 2009 3:37:10 pm


This is one of the cases where we should use a prefixes for a content class names...
I would check if the classes are exactly the same, if so then remove one and update the autoload array.

Thursday 25 June 2009 3:53:55 pm

Thanks for the quick reply!
I will follow your advice.


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