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Empty menu bars after ezwebin upgrade to 1.5

Empty menu bars after ezwebin upgrade to 1.5

Wednesday 05 May 2010 9:17:05 am - 4 replies

Hello everyone,

I'm currently using eZ Publish 4.2 with Web Interface 1.3. I've tried to upgrade the Web Interface to 1.5 because that should solve a bug I've experienced.

I've followed this manual. Everything went fine, however, after I've finished the update and cleared the cache, my top menu is empty. Also, the Web Interface toolbar doesn't show.

It might have something to do with a css issue but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.

Can anyone point me to the right direction?

Thank you,


Wednesday 05 May 2010 2:41:26 pm

Addition: The Web Interface Toolbar is solved; I've upgraded to eZ Publish 4.3 and after that, upgraded ezwebin en ezwt.

I still have no topmenu. It resolves to /design/mydesign/templates/menu/flat_top.tpl.

This file contains a fetch using $pagedata. I suspect there might be something wrong with this variable. Can anyone tell me where this variable is declared or how I can tell what it's value is?

Your help is highly appreciated!

Wednesday 05 May 2010 8:18:26 pm

Hi Maarten,

what about enabling the debug options and check the front end and the logs? I'd start there, see if debug reports something that points to the cause of this.

Regards Robin

Thursday 06 May 2010 1:32:35 pm

Hello Robin,

Thank you for your reply. I've tried your suggestion but unfortunately the debug output does not contain any relevant errors I can follow up.

Do you know where the $pagedata variable would get it's value from?

In earlier versions there was another variable that was declared in one of the ini files, but that contained a bug. This is the reason why I've upgraded.

Thank you,


Thursday 06 May 2010 8:28:36 pm

Hi Maarten,

Note that the location below is from the 4.4 alpha 1:


-- Robin


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